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Beyond aesthetic studies

Beyond aesthetic studies

beyond the dilemma of aesthetic spirit replica fendi

Aesthetic transcendence is a core proposition of classical aesthetics, it is deeply rooted in human nature demands of self transcendence, which is a timeless eternal topic.

This lack of wisdom and Western Fang Xianzhe Thinking, and superficial and aesthetic realities of modern society and encourage people to face the dilemma of aesthetic spirit of the moment. In retrospect, based on reality, modern outlook spiritual space in the future, we are deeply re thinking aesthetic transcendence of importance and urgency. Artistic and aesthetic transcendence of thinking need out of the verbal road off road never mind, the embarrassed state.

In this thesis, starting from modern living situation, more comprehensive exposition of aesthetic transcendence meaning and value. Thesis innovations are the following:

First, in retrospect West representative aesthetic transcendence after thinking from anthropology, survival and axiological perspective is more comprehensive, in depth analysis of the aesthetic transcendence philosophy based; thus embarked on aesthetic transcendence multidimensional interpretation and presents aesthetic transcendence as want nothing and something like a two tier architecture.

Second, when comparing the aesthetic transcendence and religious transcendence, beyond morality, after stating that the human spirit beyond the aesthetic trend, while the aesthetic point of exploration beyond the inherent limits to dialectically to look beyond the aesthetic features and functionality.

Third, re sketched the tradition of aesthetic modernity, that the aesthetic transcendence is the core spirit of aesthetic modernity, but in aesthetic modernity Evolution of the process, gradually lost its rightful place. Aesthetic transcendence clamor for us to create a truly modern aesthetic spirit can not be missing.

The first chapter, Introduction part is the topic of the first interpretation and historical background explanation. First, from a macro point of view of the modern spirit of the lost state of existence; followed by controversy from the aesthetics of daily life starting with the current aesthetic transcendence studies are briefly Review; thus expected aesthetic transcendence of this article on the theoretical and practical study significance; final chapter by chapter account of the dissertation methodology guidance and operational thinking path.

The second chapter, Beyond the Western aesthetic tradition is the intellectual tradition of aesthetic transcendence combing, mutatis mutandis, and assessment. In this section, selected in the representation theory of the history of Western aesthetics, analyzing their respective aesthetic transcendence of thought, and the sight from the survival theory starting with a brief commentary, the theoretical framework for the later to provide basic ideological resources.

The third chapter, Implications of aesthetic transcendence theory is a full range of aesthetic transcendence demonstration, explanation and description. First, from a philosophical point of many discussions, aesthetic transcendence of self growth based on deeply rooted in human nature, the creation of the meaning of existence and human aspirations in pursuit of value. Elaborating on the meaning of aesthetic transcendence when combined with specific aesthetic experience start discussion, and ultimately try to put forward a double aesthetic transcendence framework.

The fourth chapter, Beyond the aesthetic uniqueness is discussed in the vision of comparative aesthetic transcendence and religious transcendence, morality beyond the similarities and differences, and were noted religious and moral aesthetic aesthetic cultural trends. However, this paper does not advocate excessive overstating aesthetic transcendence functions in the last chapter, combined with messianic righteousness of aesthetic criticism and aesthetic utopia, proposed to go beyond the aesthetic dialectical view of the value and significance.

Chapter 5, contemporary aesthetic transcendence Circumstances will study sight on the current, comprehensive perspective, analysis Aestheticization cultural landscape, and then to Deweys theory of aesthetic experience as a breakthrough, discriminates between everyday experience and aesthetic experience can not be ignore the qualitative difference noted in the post metaphysical era, aesthetic experience can not totally lose its ideals and transcendence; paper finally proposes to recreate a traditional aesthetic modernity, giving aesthetic transcendence to its rightful place.

Beyond aesthetic studies

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