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Cultural Capital Accumulation and Transformation Characteristics

Cultural Capital Accumulation and Transformation Characteristics

the cultural capital of fairness played replica fendi a pivotal role an important social competition selection

All along, the cultural capital of fairness as embodied an important social competition selection mechanism, in the West and our country have played a pivotal role, is that people get an effective way to enhance the social status and means. However, with the arrival of the era of mass higher education, the role of cultural capital play an increasingly subject to other limitations and constraints of capital, showing a gradual weakening trend. This study has some theoretical and practical significance.

In theory, the basic theory of Bourdieu as a reference to explore the cultural capital accumulation and transformation characteristics of its theoretical form of expression in a particular region. In practice, the situation in the popularization of higher education, people are starting to address the inequalities and promoting cultural capital formation reasonable competition mechanism has some significance. In this paper, Linyi region has a higher cultural capital on behalf of university teachers and high school teachers conducted a questionnaire survey, based on the statistical analysis of the use of social, and cultural capital theory as a starting point, in less developed regions and cultural capital accumulation transformation mechanisms were explored.

This paper briefly reviewed and summed up the West and the cultural capital of Chinas social change process, in different stages of social development, have different cultural capital occupy the mainstream of social and cultural status. In the West, through the ancient Greek classical philosophy to medieval theology and even modern science; in our country, from the big perspective also experienced natural sciences from the humanities to important changes. With the conversion of the status of cultural capital, in order to have a higher cultural capital as the main feature of the fate of intellectuals are constantly changing, intellectuals Status Change precisely because of cultural capital in different periods of the status and role of the decision .

Through theoretical literature review articles by Chinese scholars on Bourdieu and cultural capital of the analysis, the cultural capital theory to conduct a comprehensive summary and combing, analyzes the definition of cultural capital, indicating that capital accumulation and transformation of cultural characteristics, and cultural capital in modern society, the role of the analysis. Presented at the less developed regions of the basic mechanisms of cultural capital.

This paper presents, in the less developed regions, the cultural capital accumulation mainly by individuals and individuals can take advantage of the impact of social capital. In the individual case of low social capital, cultural capital accumulation by personal time, energy inputs greatly influenced individuals are rarely able to obtain direct inheritance from the family, cultural capital in the transformation to other capital, and its scarcity and Importance play a leading role. Underdeveloped regions of the lack of social opportunities and higher trend has led to the popularity of individual social capital quantity and quality of the transformation of the cultural capital play an increasing role. Different gender, personal number and quality of social capital on the choice of the teaching profession there are different mechanisms of action.

Affected by local social needs, cultural capital into economic capital, mainly in the unit to achieve transformation. Higher cultural capital and individuals with high social capital are more likely to get a higher power of capital, while others get the power of capital is often passive. Survey results show that in less developed regions, knowledge in society and the role of intellectuals is difficult to achieve the expected. Multi-cultural capital accumulation is the result of personal effort. Cultural capital and economic capital, political capital power capital and other capital exchange rate is very low. Intergenerational mobility by parental occupation and so the important influence of parental occupation level low will cause children to greatly reduce the opportunity for upward mobility. From a gender perspective, women and men are different levels of social capital.

Based on the above discussion, the study concluded, in the era of mass higher education, culture and the role of capital as a selection mechanism is weakening; personal lack of social capital and social polarization of various types of capital does not inevitably lead to the intensification of stratification; entire social opportunity cost of increasingly high, but the opportunity has not been increased, on the contrary, more and more difficult to obtain high quality opportunities, not only requires individuals to have exceptional academic qualifications, ability, but also to have these factors outside the capital. As I capacity constraints in the design of the questionnaire and the actual survey, there will be some imperfections, but respondents also change the conscious avoidance representative findings in the analysis of the data, but also exists in depth of the problems is not enough, I must continue to work hard in the future.

Cultural Capital Accumulation and Transformation Characteristics

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