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Canada: The Cultural Context of Globalization safety

Canada: The Cultural Context of Globalization safety

Canada,replica fendi from the history and theory to explore two aspects of the nation state era of globalization

Late 20th century, globalization is deepening, world culture in an unprecedented breadth, depth and frequency of intersection with each other, collide, national cultural security problems have become evident. Safety culture is a new security, in essence, is the security of national identity and recognition of safety.

Globalization is a 15th centuryEuropebegan in earnest after the unprecedented major social change, the fundamental driving force is the universality and particularity alternately spreading and gathering strength. It is along a dialectical logic forward, and gradually the world into a single place and to create a unified but diverse in the world. The many consequences of globalization, the global context and the emergence of global thinking most substantive significance.

Ethnic identity is a political and cultural nation state through the double joint mobilization to construct the meaning and value of the process, covering the national political identity and national cultural identity of two basic dimensions. It is produced in a specific historical context and social structure, and thus exhibit a high degree of stability and continuity at the same time with the historical and social changes and changes. Rheology of ethnic identity is not necessarily a bad thing, the key depends on whether it is conducive to the survival and development of a national community, the point is to maintain its national culture refuge and an appropriate balance between political loyalty.

Globalization, national identity and the local impact of the global nature of the attack force, into a crisis of legitimacy. Although it is still difficult to be replaced by other forms of identity, but to get a new lease of life you must listen to the internal sound, while also taking into account the external process.

In this paper, as a case inCanada, from the history and theory to explore two aspects of the nation state era of globalization and cultural security dilemma and try to find a possible path out of the woods. Canadian culture originated in ancient Native American civilization, then went throughFrance,Englandcolonial development, and eventually formed in the 20th century. Indigenous civilization is to be developed on the basis of Canadian culture, whileFrance,Britainand its colonial culture was injected new blood and nutrients.

Canadian culture on the body is an extension of European civilization, which is characterized by diversity based on duality. It is dominated by Anglo culture, French culture supplement, contains both indigenous and other ethnic and cultural composition of the complex, where there is a greater independence of French culture. Its formation is both a result of the integration of world civilization, but alsoCanadasvarious ethnic political struggle each product.Canadafaces four major cultural security problems.

One isQuebecethnic nationalism; second is indigenous nationalism; The third is the third force identity demands; The fourth is the infiltration of American culture. The first three challenges from globalization and ethnic differentiation, the latter threat comes from the integration of world globalization. Quebec ethnic nationalism reflects Anglo, French competition and conflict between cultures; indigenous nationalism refraction are indigenous to the Canadian governments political repression and cultural assimilation dissatisfaction; third force identity demands Canadian society is reflected in the cultural discrimination; infiltration of American culture is exposed to the impact of the global integration of forces as well as the nation state of Canadas own weaknesses.

The Government of Canada has taken mainly two kinds of security measures to get rid of the plight of ethnic culture. One is the weakening of national identity. Specific guidelines are: ethnic nationalists inQuebecfor political compromises and cultural comfort. On indigenous peoples and third force, the two cultural rights of ethnic minorities to be recognized, and their cultural aspirations give symbolic support. Another is to strengthen national identity.

Specific initiatives are: the infiltration of American culture for the implementation of cultural protectionism. Overall, the Canadian governments cultural policy has highly targeted, but the two are not the same, there are certain mutual conflict. Therefore, although they achieved some results, but far from a real solution.

Canada: The Cultural Context of Globalization safety

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