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Concurrence of port logistics system

Concurrence of port logistics system

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With economic development, the dynamic changes of the world transport networks, as well as the rise of the modern logistics industry and the continuous development of port logistics as an important component of modern logistics has become an important pillar of the national economy. Read more [+]

China Soybean Industry International Competitiveness

ChinaSoybean Industry International Competitiveness

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With the gradual deepening of Chinas accession to WTO, the domestic staple food industry will face increasingly fierce international competition. Chinese soybean industry is the earliest open, market oriented and most international food industry, one of its international competitiveness evolution, causes and coping strategies, development of food industry for bulk samples and demonstration strategic significance. Read more [+]

Mobile search industry chain and profit model study

Mobile search industry chain and profit model study

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In this paper, SWOT analysis on the mobile search industry value chain research, its advantage lies in good market prospects, attracting a large number of companies have joined the market, but it is currently present threat from the conflicts of interest within the industry chain. In the early stage of industrial development, the search for the training of service providers are temporarily discarded profit user group, but with the further development of the industry, the service provider may also charge a fee to the user. Read more [+]

A fresh Self Directed IRA Industry Comes forth Out Of The Ashes Of The Foreclosure Crisis

A fresh Self Directed IRA Industry Comes forth Out Of The Ashes Of The Foreclosure Crisis

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Banks are not established to be landlords and they are not enthusiastic about having real estate property. Banks would like the funds through the mortgage and they wish to make loans bottom line. At this time, banks are being overrun with attributes and they are attempting to unload them. You are able to buy the foreclosure real estate property with a Really Self Directed IRA. It is a tendency that is here to stay. Read more [+]