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Mobile search industry chain and profit model study

Mobile search industry chain and profit model study

the mobile search industry replica fendi value chain research replica fendi

In this paper, SWOT analysis on the mobile search industry value chain research, its advantage lies in good market prospects, attracting a large number of companies have joined the market, but it is currently present threat from the conflicts of interest within the industry chain. In the early stage of industrial development, the search for the training of service providers are temporarily discarded profit user group, but with the further development of the industry, the service provider may also charge a fee to the user.

This cost is passed on to the user or profit sharing negotiations with carriers? If a conflict of interest issues handled properly, will directly affect the whole industry chain as well as the framework for future development of the industry. Establish a stable user base, increase user loyalty and develop these new technologies could help solve the industry value network internal conflicts of interest. This thesis studies the problem of mobile search revenue model, the profit from the existing Internet search pattern starting to learn from their successes. The reason why the profit model of the Internet as a reference model is because there are more similarities between the two, the same search information industry, the use of only two different equipment and tools.

Internet search has gone through nearly 10 years of development before it reaches the size of today’s widely used, its profit model also formed a unique system, which relies on advertising to survive the profit model is simple, but it is its commercial base. This thesis, mobile search revenue model is divided into two parts, one part of the revenue derived from the client, the other part comes from the business side. Client fees must be no loss of subscribers as a prerequisite in order to give users a pricing package form, or to use special service attracted users.

The user reached a certain size, you can also play mobile search service negotiation bargaining power with carriers into the interests, both to ensure the user is essentially the same amount of total consumption, but also enables service providers and operators to benefit both sides. Business side charging mode with Internet search of the profit model is more similar, and moving through PPC search advertising to earn money. In the mobile search results, ranked in the order more business value. Search service providers can provide businesses with high keyword search frequency bid for the business, help businesses get better search rankings, increase your ROI. Mobile search advertising revenue as the technology and market mature, profitable mobile search will become an important part of pattern.

Low advertising costs, high advertising effect will attract more enterprises to bid for mobile search advertising. Some service providers now have another way to profit is to cooperate with enterprises in the relevant search results brand name, such cooperation in the future may be more in the local searches.

This thesis is divided into a total of six chapters. The first chapter introduces the research background of mobile search, status, meaning and purpose of the study as well as the structure of the whole thesis. The second chapter is mainly explained mobile search related content, including Internet search and the development of the mobile communications industry, mobile search definition, characteristics and classification of mobile search in the development of countries, were introduced in the UK, the USA, Japan, South Korea and the development of China’s mobile search specific circumstances.

The third chapter is drawn from the theory of mobile search industry value chain issues, mobile search industry value chain analysis of the composition and value of each member of the network in the role, using the SWOT analysis of mobile search industry value chain strengths, weaknesses , opportunities and threats four issues, and analyzes the different business environments, mobile search industry chain enterprises and business development focus on differences. The fourth chapter is the construction of mobile search revenue model, drawing on existing and develop more mature profit model of Internet search, mobile search revenue model also analyzed the current situation, and try to build longterm development in line with the profitability of mobile search mode, and from the client and the business side of both pricing model were discussed. The fifth chapter is the future development trend of mobile search outlook, elaborated user scale, technology, search for content and channels, personalized questions, search advertising, and other relevant laws and regulations to establish development. Chapter VI shall be concluded.

Mobile search industry chain and profit model study

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