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China Soybean Industry International Competitiveness

ChinaSoybean Industry International Competitiveness

a soybean industry internationally competitive analysis replica fendi framework

With the gradual deepening of Chinas accession to WTO, the domestic staple food industry will face increasingly fierce international competition. Chinese soybean industry is the earliest open, market oriented and most international food industry, one of its international competitiveness evolution, causes and coping strategies, development of food industry for bulk samples and demonstration strategic significance.

In this paper, international trade theory, systematic and ecology theory and method, a soybean industry internationally competitive analysis framework; using statistical data, the system analyzes the international competitiveness of the global soybean industry competition pattern of evolution and the formation and Chinese soybean the decline in international competitiveness of industry processes, influencing factors and evolution mechanisms; finally proposed to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese soybean industry’s strategy.

At the Intercontinental, the competitive landscape of soybean production and export competition from the North American based, Asia, supplemented by evolved by South and North America common control; import competition from the European based, Asia auxiliary evolved into the Asian based, European supplement ; consumer competition from America the strongest, followed by Asia evolved by Asia, North America and South America common control. Overall, the soybean industry comprehensive intercontinental competition from the strongest in North America, Asia, second, third in Europe, South America weakest evolve into the strongest in North America and South America, Asia ranks three, fourth in Europe.

Between countries, soybean production competition from American led Chinese supplement to evolve into ranks first in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China, India and Paraguay were subsequently disaggregated”; export competition from American led China supplement turned into the United States, Brazil and Argentina led ; import competition from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy led evolve into China led, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Mexico and Spain in turn sub Subsequent columns , and presents the importing country exporting concentrated dispersion of the situation; soy consumption competition from American led, China, Brazil, Japan and Germany were subsequently disaggregated evolved into The United States, China, Brazil and Argentina led  .

The influence of Chinese soybean industry production and exports continued to decline in influence, the influence of rising imports and consumption influence recovery after the first drop, overall influence has declined, since the balanced development ability. Production dropped to fourth by the first influence; influence industrial exports fell to sixth by the second; imports rose to eighth place by the influence of the first one; consumer influence remains second; overall influence by the second down to third place.

Led the international competitiveness of Chinese soybean industry declined direct factors include: 1 Compared with theUnited Statesand other countries,China, and the high cost of soybean consolidated comprehensive income is low. 2 Chinese soybean prices higher than theUnited Statesand other countries, but the gap is narrowing. 3 Chinese soybean quality compared with theU.S., the average fat content of soybean low 1.09%, average 1.6% higher protein content. But in soybeans and soybean quality control assurance system procurement, transportation and marketing services, and theUnited Statesthere is a big gap.

4 Chinese soybean yields lower thanBrazil,Argentinaand theUnited States20% to 40%, Chinas soybean acreage influence declining, down to fourth by the second. 5 RR soybean cultivation system to adapt to the United States and Argentina and other countries of the ecological, economic and social environment, the United States, Argentina and Brazil, genetically modified soybean acreage to continue to expand, while the cultivation of genetically modified soybeans for improving Chinas soybean industry internationally competitive uncertainties .

Caused the international competitiveness of Chinese soybean industry underlying causes of decline mainly in: industry structure is not nearly reasonable, industrial policy lack of support and protection efforts, competing crops such as corn industry fast development. Production pattern in provincial areas, there is the main producing province does not match the output of its acreage, yield and its main producing province does not match the level of productivity problems. Soybean yield was the highest of the four provinces ofHeilongjiang,Jilin,AnhuiandShandong, and the largest acreage of the four provinces ofHeilongjiang,Anhui, Inner Mongolia andHenan. The highest level of productivity of the four provinces ofJilin,Xinjiang,ShandongandJiangsu. In soybean processing pattern, the Chinese soybean processing capacity exists and needs space dislocation dislocation problems.

China Soybean Industry International Competitiveness

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