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Concurrence of port logistics system

Concurrence of port logistics system

ports have become an integrated transport chain a major replica fendi bags link in the international trade

With economic development, the dynamic changes of the world transport networks, as well as the rise of the modern logistics industry and the continuous development of port logistics as an important component of modern logistics has become an important pillar of the national economy.

As a maritime port into other modes of transport must pass through transit points waning role, ports have become an integrated transport chain a major link in the international trade and international logistics continue to highlight the role. Based on the economic development of the hinterland to the regional development of the economy based on the development of multiple competing between ports has become a hot issue in academic seminars.

Port logistics system is closely linked with the external environment of complex, dynamic, and open large scale systems, but it also is to contact the social system and economic system is an important bridge. In order to conform to the needs of economic globalization, competing modes of port logistics system, architecture, port logistics system competing system, and competing for the port logistics system performance evaluation, for the port constantly improve their own logistics systems, continuous innovation, promote the port economy The rapid development has a very important practical significance.

This paper uses complex systems theory, coordination theory, game theory, competing theories and other basic theory, the domestic port logistics development status and trends are analyzed to study the joint development of port, port logistics involved in the subject, based on this proposed development of port logistics competing strategic positioning and competing strategies; proposed port logistics development suited to Chinas ports competing models and game analysis carried out; architecture competing system and port logistics system evaluation matrix, and with multi level dynamic comprehensive evaluation method regional port group   Shandong Peninsula port groups conducted an empirical study.

Through this study, the main results obtained are as follows: a the SWOT analysis, the development of port logistics system is the key disadvantages, ports competing aspect many factors affecting the competitiveness of the port itself ie, longitudinal competing of competing merits of its lateral impact is significant. Proposed to achieve strategic objectives, reversing type strategy is more suitable for Chinas current development strategy of port logistics system.

2 calculated by the empirical findings: Port with third party logistics companies around the difference is greater than zero total receipts to prove its longitudinal competing to be effective; This model can effectively solve the profit distribution of all parties to fully demonstrate that this study virtual alliance operation of reality have a greater significance.

3 by means of sensitivity analysis, it can be concluded: Port competing benefits and impact of the entire supply network efficiency aspect of competing factors, including all relevant factors; aspect validity of competing with the entire supply network port efficiency and effectiveness with change in direction; harbor of the ports own development benefits the most.

4 This study analyzed the port location and hierarchy, structure and established a three level port logistics system of competing systems and evaluation matrix, and use multi level dynamic gray comprehensive evaluation, to accurately reflect the evaluation the actual value of the evaluation results of the contribution and use the equilibrium and competing effectively degree two concepts can determine the merits of their competing effect the validity and strength of competing.

5 through empirical research, in the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao, Rizhao, Yantai three ports, the Qingdao port development level of each sub system of competing balanced, Rizhao Port, Yantai Maritime Operations Asian systems competing effectively relatively weak.QingdaoPort, due to the natural position is superior, good infrastructure, a strong economy and managing the hinterland efficient, thus competing in the longitudinal, transverse and vertical and horizontal Concurrence Concurrence three ports in terms of ranking first among the three, followed byRizhaoPortand Yantai. Innovation of this paper are mainly academic concept innovation, model innovation, system innovation and innovative approaches in four areas: innovation in academic philosophy, the paper in the port logistics system integrated use of competing research complex systems, port linkage, competition and cooperation and integration of co ordination and other ideas and theories, the port logistics system into a large complex systems within the framework of the comprehensive concept to Asia to study the system as a fulcrum Minato linkage.

And the difference for port development, effectively competing theories as well as the law of diminishing marginal utility, this paper presents competing effectively competing degree of equilibrium and two new concepts. Competing in the port logistics system model innovation, there are two main innovations, one game analysis for the first time the use of horizontal and vertical competing models of competing models, the second is the port for the first time using the improved hierarchical division ofBostonmatrix BCG matrix model .

Concurrence of port logistics system

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