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Xiaolongshan forest biomass and carbon storage in gansu province

Xiaolongshan forest biomass and carbon storage in gansu province

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Global carbon cycle is one of the core issues of global climate change research, forest ecosystem carbon cycle is an important part of the global carbon cycle, the current in the global carbon cycle research there are a lot of uncertainty, the uncertainty is also found in the study of forest ecosystem carbon cycle, especially in the area of forest ecosystem carbon library and its size and atmospheric CO2 exchange flux estimation.

So accurately estimate the size of the regional forest ecosystem carbon library and its associated carbon exchange flux between library has been a hot and difficult in the study of forest ecosystem carbon cycle.

Taking sharp tooth oak forest region of gansu, pinus tabulaeformis and quercus variabilis, poplar, birch, larch, China, cloud, fir, and other broadleaved mixed forest is divided into eight research object, focus on the forest biomass estimation, forest tree layer biomass compatibility model, forest tree layer main building group of tree, shrub layer and herb layer rate of each organ carbon content determination of carbon content, and density of regional forest ecosystem carbon storage, carbon reserves estimation and the spatial distribution characteristics of real carbon sinks, etc was studied, aimed at exploring based on forest resource survey data to estimate the regional forest ecosystem carbon library right method, look forward to for our country regional scale of forest ecosystem carbon sequestration research.

Chinese ecological geographic area forest ecosystem carbon cycle study provides some basic data, under the condition of global climate change, China regional ecological environment construction and develop regional forest ecosystem carbon sequestration management measures, and for the Chinese government to participate in the world “” carbon sinks trade negotiations provide basis and reference.

After years of research, made some progress in the following respects. 1. 8 class stand biomass estimation 1 the ChanMu biomass W and diameter at breast height D, and a tree diameter at breast height D2H are there exists a close relationship between. With 11 kinds of mathematical model fitting the ChanMu xiaolongshan 8 class stand biomass and diameter at breast height, tree height of the relationship between the regression equation, the results show that have significant level, of which the Power Power regression model fitting effect is best.

2 the sawtooth oak xiaolongshan forest, pinus tabulaeformis and quercus variabilis, poplar, birch, larch, China, cloud, fir, 8 classes other broadleaf mixed forest tree layer of biomass in the order: 81.8388, 60.6976, 79.7980, 75.3828, 67.3706, 67.9786, 94.3733, 96.5533 t hm 2; The shrub layer biomass in the order: 1.5126, 0.9884, 1.2504, 1.3746, 1.3618, 1.3691, 1.3746, 1.5944 t hm 2; Herb layer biomass in the order: 0.1208, 0.2266, 0.1738, 0.2043, 0.2658, 0.1968, 0.2043, 0.1393 t hm 2; The stand biomass in the order: 84.0472, 62.4424, 81.7747, 77.4367, 68.9982, 70.0695, 96.4865, 98.7235 t hm 2. 2.

Based on the forest resources inventory data of forest tree layer to build up the forecast model on the biomass 1 graphics analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis results showed that the forest area of gansu eight class stand biomass of components W and forest each species.some V there is a significant linear correlation between relations.

Using relevant index, the correlation coefficient, residual standard deviation, the average relative error and precision of forecast five evaluation index, comprehensive comparative analysis of the multiple regression model fitting results, think based on forest resource inventory statistics in forest area of forest biomass estimation of components of gansu optimal model should be W W ~ V = a + bV form, and proved in theory that the biomass of linear estimates is established on the stand level model can be applied directly to the regional scale.
From the point of estimated effect, the compatibility of W ~ V linear model can be used to directly using the standard data and stand volume to calculate the stand biomass, tree layer so as to avoid the traditional biomass measurement means the destruction of forest resources. Therefore, the improvement methods have important theoretical significance and high practical value.

3 studies have shown that xiaolongshan 8 class stand average net growth rate of total delta W and the total forest biomass has a good correlation between total W, and the forest area in gansu province was established based on the correlation between the total ~ 8 class stand delta W W various mathematical models of the total biomass.

Optimal model shows that the average net growth rates of different forest types and the relationship between total forest biomass is different, sharp tooth oak forest, pinus tabulaeformis forest and larch forest, cloud, fir stand in power function; Quercus variabilis forest, poplar, birch forest, China stand linearly related; Other broadleaved mixed forest exponential correlation. Compared with the previous studies, the results show that the average net of all kinds of forest stand in different areas of the growth and the relationship between total forest biomass is not the same.

3. The rate of carbon element analysis method for determination of 1 with high precision dry method in forest area of gansu eight classes of different components stem, branch, leaf, peel, root was analyzed, and the carbon content determination, made in forest area in gansu province for the first time the 13 kinds of trees, 14 kinds of shrubs, organs of 10 species of herbaceous plants and 7 kinds of forest litter measure precise values of organic carbon content, and on the individual trees and forest stand two levels systematically analyzed the characteristics of carbon content of tree species in different components.

2 xiaolongshan forest types of main organs of 13 kinds of tree species on average carbon rate of sawtooth oak respectively 0.4653, 0.5049, pinus tabulaeformis and quercus variabilis 0.4755, 0.4985, birch GongHua 0.4889, 0.4963, Japanese larch China 0.4962, 0.4906, spruce qinling fir 0.4907, 0.4647, northeast China ash, dayeh dogwoods ZiMu 0.4501, 0.4689, the pentagon maple q. liaotungensis 0.4632; Organs of 14 kinds of shrubs average carbon ratio of 0.4446, organs of 10 kinds of herbs on average carbon ratio is 0.3270, 7 kinds of average carbon rate of forest litter.

Xiaolongshan forest biomass and carbon storage in gansu province

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