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Asphalt Pavement Treatment Technology

Asphalt Pavement Treatment Technology

strengthened Asphalt Pavement Treatment Technology replica fendi handbags

Interlaminar bond strengths and weaknesses that affect the service life of asphalt pavement is one important factor, if the interlayer bonding is not good, it will undermine the integrity of the pavement structure, weakening the overall resistance of the pavement structure, the vehicle acceleration, deceleration places prone layer interlaminar shear slip, resulting crescent shaped push cracks. In order to make the road multilayer combination system has a good carrying capacity and durability of the structure should be strengthened Asphalt Pavement Treatment Technology.

This paper surveys Asphalt Pavement Treatment technology status, based on the analysis of contact between the different layers of asphalt pavement conditions force, revealing the mechanism of the U shaped crack, analyzes interlayer contact conditions on the asphalt pavement road performance. Then around the adhesive layer, sealing layer and the transparent layer of material laboratory test deployment system, through direct shear and direct pull out test for structural strength between layers conducted in depth research, the purpose is to analyze the interlaminar strength of the various factors influencing factors and their impact significant, and test the feasibility and rationality of evaluation for the relevant technical specifications provide the basis for revision.

Meanwhile, the asphalt pavement interlaminar shear fatigue properties were investigated, and explore the mechanism of fatigue failure of the interlayer, proposed to describe the interlaminar shear strength failure model and parameters. Finally, in the mechanical analysis and experimental study, based on the proposed considering the shear strength of the asphalt pavement structure design methods. Specific studies are as follows: 1 using the finite element analysis software ABAQUS, a semi rigid asphalt pavement for the study, the test parameters applied to the mechanical model inside of horizontal load, the interlayer contact conditions and overload on asphalt pavement responses and the analysis of the causes of the U shaped crack.

The results showed that the level of load stress field distribution on the road have a great impact, especially on the road above the layer can not be neglected; overloaded vehicles and base discontinuity between the surface layer of asphalt pavement rutting exacerbate, the generation of the main longitudinal slip overload and the surface layer is discontinuous between the cause, the right path table deflection greatest impact load, followed by contact between the base surface condition, and finally the position of contact between the surface layers; U shaped bottom of the tensile stress cracking caused cracks open type, U shaped sides are vertical shear stress cracking caused by shear cracks in the surface layers or between successive horizontal loads and the role of the U shaped crack the most significant impact.

2 using three adhesive layer material  emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt emulsion and ordinary hot asphalt, oil consumption on the adhesive layer, adhesive layer of oil type, temperature, cleanliness of the interface between layers, flooding, freezing and thawing, traffic load role of the upper and lower layers of asphalt mixture gradation type of shadow to a study of factors, and each influencing factors analysis of variance. Meanwhile, from high performance and durability of departure to study different contact conditions on the asphalt pavement road performance.

The results showed that the determined optimum temperature than room temperature, with a small 0.1 0.2kg / m ~ 2; spray adhesive layer of oil can improve interlaminar shear resistance, high temperature stability of asphalt pavement performance and durability, and reduce contamination between layers, water, freezing of the adverse effects of the interlayer. Finally, the integrated adhesive layer shear properties and permeability performance, recommended for different climates and spraying adhesive layer material amount; mechanical calculations and experimental studies on the basis of proposed asphalt adhesive layer structure shear behavior evaluation methods, evaluation specifications and technical requirements.

3 of the synchronous chip sealer studied various factors affecting the interlaminar shear strength on the degree of influence and synchronous pavement surface and slurry seal and interlaminar shear strength of water permeability compared. The results show that the material properties of asphalt, aggregate rock, aggregate the different treatment methods, asphalt and aggregates spreading synchronous or synchronous chip sealer on shear strength had a significant impact, aggregate size on which produces a certain extent, but the impact is not significant; when used as a seal coat, slurry seal shear strength is less than synchronous pavement surface shear strength, but its waterproof performance than synchronous chip sealer. Finally, according to the rainfall and surface type recommended by the appropriate seal coat material.

Asphalt Pavement Treatment Technology

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