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Literary discourse Pragmastylistic

Literary discourse Pragmastylistic

linguistics and stylistics on the basis of replica fendi relevant research

In linguistics and stylistics on the basis of relevant research, the thesis was constructed based on the language of choice and follow the fictional conversation analysis framework. The framework combines the adaptation theory and pragmatics other relevant theories latest research results, and try to answer the follow on how to more effectively promote literary discourse analysis of this issue.

Specifically, is the study of character in the novel is how to choose a session to adapt to a variety of linguistic elements pragmatic factors in order to achieve communicative intent and artistic effect. Firstly, the novel sessions involving the relevant factors were analyzed to explore the daily conversation and fiction sessions respective characteristics and their mutual relationships, and discusses in detail the use of theoretical analysis of literary pragmatics of discourse possibility and feasibility.

A session is a complex and orderly, rule governed activity. Fiction sessions typically used to achieve multi tasking, and thus more complex. Still, it is ordered, there are tricks and can be used linguistic analysis system description. Characters in the novel have their own vocabulary, and the vocabulary are organized expression of the syntactic structure, character language can vividly reflect its precise and character traits.

Therefore, the fictional character is showing the carrier is a plot embedded in the novel to promote the development of the dynamic process of the conflict to show character. It has long been conducting literary criticism, on individual authors and works with some of the characters sessions comments. However, the characteristics of fictional conversation, as well as the role of novel elements and other elements of the relationship between the fundamental problem has not yet received due attention. Stylist for non traditional literary discourse analysis type language genre did a lot of research, some theories, such as the principles of cooperation, speech act theory, politeness principle has been used in novels such as conversation analysis.

However, such studies have failed to adequately take into account the cultural, social, cognitive and other factors on the impact of the whole process of novels session, making it difficult to achieve a comprehensive and fully understand literary works. Aliyev · dimensional thread Fallon inherited and developed the basic theory of pragmatics and principles and they complement each other, thus forming an integrated continuum, just to meet the requirements in this regard.Victoriathread Fallon biological evolution fromDarwinand Piagets theory of psychological adaptation inspired by that language use is affected by cognitive, social and cultural behavior and other factors, emphasizing the cognitive, social, and cultural factors such as the complexity of language use and the role of language comprehension.

Language use and understanding is an ongoing context in order to adapt the language selection process. According to conform to the theory, the meaning is in the language users and their mental world, social world, physical world interconnected generated. Language users at various levels conform to the language chosen to achieve a variety of social needs and a variety of communicative purposes. Literary use of language in the language selection process involves a higher degree of consciousness.

According to this study Pragmastylistic proposed adaptation theory framework, the authors fictional novel or choose any one language, including language policy choices must own intentions and can produce special Pragmastylistic results. Session in the novel, the author characters in order to conform their mental world, social world and the physical world, in the language, code, stylistic level elements such as speech and language, vocabulary, syntax, semantics, and communication strategies at all levels of language selection in order to achieve characterization, expand the plot, the service principal purposes.

This study has the following discovery and revelation: first, Victoria Saussure as the language of the Adaptation Theory Perspective on building components involved in discourse and social, cultural, cognitive, etc., can be used to interpret the specific novel verbal communication. The pragmatic response to stylistic analysis methods inherited discourse analysis, conversation analysis, and the essence of literary stylistics, unified, coordinated many fields related research, on the basis of the formation of an integrated approach can be more effectively interpret literary discourse communicative discourse.

 Literary discourse Pragmastylistic

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