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Perspective of a low carbon economy new energy CDM projects in international cooperation

Perspective of a low carbon economy new energy CDM projects in international cooperation

Low carbon economy is replica fendi bags the development of the world economy faced a common issue

Low carbon economy is the development of the world economy faced a common issue. It is based on low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission as the basis of the economic model, and its essence is to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions, establish a rational energy structure, so as to achieve social and economic development and ecological protection of a win win kind of economic development patterns.

Low carbon economy is both energy low carbon of the theoretical basis, but also sustainable development mainly reflected, is also the driving force of new energy development. In response to global climate change, global climate changes in the international institutional framework, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol signed, respectively, that to 2050 to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in the pre industrial level 2 times less ; Kyoto Protocol established the Joint Implementation Mechanism JI, the Clean Development Mechanism CDM and emissions trading schemes ET three kinds of mechanisms for international cooperation, which involves developing CDM is the only flexible mechanisms is to achieve a low carbon economy and energy for sustainable development an important economic tool.

CDM to urge developed countries by providing financial and technical approach to cooperation projects with developing countries, while the realization of the project CERs CERs for the performance of its Protocol in the pledge is developing win win cooperation with developed countries as a mechanism. Through the CDM, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve global cost effectiveness, and promote the realization of national low carbon economy. Of the CDM market has great potential, quantity and contribution to carbon emissions point of view, the new energy CDM projects dominate.

Currently, the carbon as the main feature of the energy structure has seriously hampered the realization of a low carbon economy, and the implementation of the CDM is to help our country to absorb additional funds to facilitate the transfer of technology, the promotion of new energy industry development. Therefore, we should make full use of CDM and other relevant instruments of international economic cooperation, the development of new energy sources, adjust the energy structure to ensure sustainable energy development. From the domestic research and analysis, we find that the current scholars CDM projects for new energy research, most lack a comprehensive analysis of the system, few quantitative studies and shallow.

Also from the perspective of a low carbon economy, new energy CDM projects for carbon emissions methodological principles, international cooperation in technology transfer mechanisms and risk assessment models to build and expand empirical research less. Therefore, the above analysis, this paper research, collating information, based on the theory of low carbon economy, industrial development theory, theory of sustainable development, market externality theory, theory of comparative advantage as the basis for a low carbon economy based perspective, For CDM operation mechanism and its impact on the development of new energy sources to analyze effects: First, the concept of carbon trading and the background, analyzes the CDM, JI, ET and other three carbon trading mechanisms respective development, theoretical characteristics; analysis of Chinas participation in the Carbon Transactions necessity: China only build a global carbon market, carbon trading to the whole industry chain grasp the initiative, thus avoiding the risk of CDM projects; analysis of CDM and CDM connotation and characteristics of a win win nature: it is on the one hand can promote sustainable development in developing countries, access to technical and financial, on the other hand it can help countries to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments; final analysis of the CDM range, the relevant institutional responsibilities and project development process, in order to carry out follow up study of CDM projects theoretical support.

Secondly, the analysis of the CDM for sustainable energy development and the role of low carbon economic development. Study the barriers restricting Chinas energy development: such as carbon irrational energy structure, energy inefficiency, serious energy environment and energy security issues; discusses Chinas new energy to improve the energy structure, promote energy conservation effect, CDM for development of new energy there is a strong correlation, CDM favor of new energy technology transfer and financing, the development of new energy sources, promote low carbon economy to achieve important economic means; Finally effectively promote the development of new energy development proposals.

Furthermore, analysis of Chinas new energy CDM project development status and potential. CDM projects through domestic and international comparative analysis of the status quo, pointing out that the number of CDM projects and the contribution to carbon emissions, both at the international dominance.

Perspective of a low carbon economy new energy CDM projects in international cooperation

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