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New China seventeen years 1949 1966 Beijing Marriage Culture

New Chinas eventeen years 1949 1966Beijing Marriage Culture

a marriage as the main line, related to family relationships replica fendi bags

Chinese Communist Party on the reform of traditional marriage is absorbed on the basis of theSoviet Unionregulations, after the agrarian revolution, Sino Japanese War, the liberation war constantly sum up experience in practice, improve and modify formed.

From the content point of view, marriage is a marriage as the main line, related to family relationships, and many other aspects, in fact, a marriage and family law. Marriage Law enacted after a long period of time, through the central and local levels of government and various mass organizations enormous effort that makes embodies the freedom of marriage, monogamy, gender equality institution of marriage gradually become a reality. The implementation process is mainly relying on the state to use legal means to unfold the top down. This is for the abolition of the feudal marriage system played an important role, but we also see movement brought another result that direct in depth individual state power, the traditional patriarchal authority of the gradual decline of the impact on individuals.

In the following a long period of time, the marriage culture exhibit increasingly apparent politicization. Through the newChinawas founded 17 years afterBeijing, different occupational groups mate pattern analysis found that the new era under the general preference for different groups within the community to choose a spouse, and peoples concept of marriage is also generally being affected by men of high female low mate pattern. Of course, this model has a threshold.

New era, through education and political mobilization proletarian ideology, an attempt to break the traditional female male high low mode, but overall, the effect does not seem very obvious. From the marriage model of development trend, men and women of marriageable age is gradually increasing, men and women of marriageable age gap is gradually narrowing. The early 1960s, late marriage propaganda is designed to reduce fertility. Countries on education and later marriage and actively promote at the same time, the love revolution idealistic, and denounce the ideology of material desires, and as a potential political orientation, social wealth virtually invisible infiltrated material interests and social interests and other ingredients.

Among them, the women try to move the center of the circle of social power, the trend for men this flow will produce two results, an outcome is for those members of the community within the scope of the disadvantaged compared to men provides an opportunity mate, Another result is caused by a state of imbalance, that is, to those in the most vulnerable groups of men caused by underlying mate dilemma. During this period, the proportion of free love gradually increased, but the men and women of ideas still hamper exchanges. Also did not provide adequate social conditions and opportunities for young men and women get to know and get along with freedom.

Countries on the one hand advocacy of free love, love the one hand and make all sorts of restrictions on both oppose puppy love, but also to promote youth national collective sacrifice personal interests. All kinds of words and ideas values, excluding the individual, to deny self. After the countrys strong advocacy and advocacy, old wedding procedures and rituals are substantially eliminated or simplified.

People do not spend too much time to prepare for the wedding and everyday life has not much out of line, no longer has the unique experience of life. Because marriage is a social behavior, so people utilize and actively expand social relations through the wedding to construct social networks, will be able to take advantage of social networks as social resources. While they inherited the existing social resources, such as relatives, on the other hand interaction with others in expansion of resources, such as fellow classmates, comrades, friends, colleagues and so on. Emotional dominated by the order gradually to jointly support a rational and emotional interaction between people based transition. The need to frequently occur in daily life people have to pull in the relationship.

So this ritual integrates external relations family relationships and family, making the wedding in line with the public under the states own needs. Authority from the family at the wedding gradually converted to the authority of the state, the wedding ceremony more simplistic and politicized at the same time, men and women formed a new gender identity, namely the traditional division of labor and the role of women in the gradual disappearance of social expectations, the status of women began to rise, men and women tend to be more equal. During this period, breaking the taboo marriage party in divorce have more autonomy.

But the reasons for divorce is very complex, both substances also include mental and emotional aspects, both with the spouse before marriage and love marriage marriage related operations are also inseparable. Both forced arranged, mercenary marriage, bigamy concubines, child brides, etc. without feelings and broken marriages, there are grass is always greener, and another new love, deliberately creating cracks and broken marriage, though there are independent and voluntary marriage, but because toward marriage , family problems, lack the necessary knowledge and experience, do not know or are not good at training marital relations in a broken marriage, and even there would have been based on feelings, but occasionally because of trivial quarrel, sometimes impulsive and reckless emotional divorce.

New China seventeen years 1949 1966 Beijing Marriage Culture

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