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Life Aesthetics founding institutions

Life Aesthetics founding institution

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Croce The aesthetics of the 20th century, the Chinese had a major impact in the West esthetician, who will have a direct impact on its qian, Lin Deng sting, etc., especially for qian Croce theoretical innovation gave great influence, So, study the rheological Croce thought in China, the development process, should be a fairly new but it is also has a very difficult task.

The topics to qian with Croces aesthetics as the relationship between the object of study. Proposed research plan includes three main areas: research Croces state of mind, qian Croce acceptance condition for research, qians Aesthetics Characteristics.

In domestic scholars involved in the qian compared with Croce monographs and related papers, most scholars believe qian by Croce arising from the impact of the pure doctrine of aesthetics, which will qian Life Theory and Aesthetics thought separated for analysis. But I think qian theory fate, it was Life Aesthetics. Life Aesthetics based life, concerns life, trying to transform life through aesthetic means to achieve the purpose, and thus in qian opinion, aesthetics as a means and methods exist.

Correct treatment of aesthetic issues, a real understanding of aesthetic point of view, and through the role of aesthetic activity to transform the hearts and beautify life, is the modern aesthetic value and significance. This is what I will be in this article focuses on the point of departure, it is precisely qian aesthetics originality lies. Linked to life and aesthetic look, essentially on the artistic background of life down parsing, will also be placed in the artistic life of the dimension to be resolved.

Previous esthetician, limited life about art, negating the art, but only art talk art, the art of ignoring human characteristics, ignoring the aesthetic characteristics of human science. In fact, qian aesthetic system, starting from the human to human sensibility anchored, the human activities and human aesthetic activity extended to the general said the level of social reality, and then drill down to levels of social practice, and ultimately and fully affirmed the human material production activities in aesthetic activity status and source of fat in the role, in order to build a financial psychology, sociology and art Trinity aesthetic system.

Croce is a high degree of independence will be mentioned on aesthetics should understand esthetician, aesthetics is a will restore to the people to examine the origin of this doctrine is one of the esthetician, qian is the spiritual heir Croce, that on the intuition of acceptance; more noteworthy is that the creation of life qian creatively aesthetic, the spirit of the Croce further: If we say that the aesthetics of Croce set at the level of human mental activity, then qian will be positioned on the person’s overall aesthetic aspects of life, including the spiritual life and material life, so it should be said, qian life aesthetics of art and life are closely combine aesthetic concepts, but also the art of people demonstrating this feature out of the aesthetic concepts.

Life Aesthetics founding institutions qian Relationship of Chinese aesthetics with Croce Summary goal of this study identified as: one, from the aesthetic point of life is to examine qian Croce accepted ideas and innovation in their own distinctive characteristics when the theoretical system; Second, scholars in China, especially in the realm of art advocate recovery Croces poetic spirit, emphasized human creativity brought about by human mental activity to show. If we say that the former is the direct object of my discourse, the latter is when I discussed the inherent basis.

From the text of point of view, I am trying to find qian from Croces aesthetics source of life, and through qian with Croces comparative study reveals qian life aesthetics has the originality Value: In addition, from the history of modern Chinese aesthetics qian life perspectives to analyze historical contribution to aesthetics, which pointed qian aesthetic life fundamentally inherited near the West since the Renaissance, the modern humanistic spirit, so in the spiritual realm Croce person established in The ideology to the reality of social life in China in the field to show its unusual brilliance.

Life Aesthetics founding institutions

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