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Anglo American legal anthropology dilemma: Kangaroo Blackman and Bo Annan dispute

Anglo American legal anthropology dilemma: Kangaroo Blackman and Bo Annan dispute

the famous Anglo American legal anthropology Gerber dispute replica fendi handbags

In 1955, British anthropologist Max kangaroo Blackman in his first legal ethnography Northern Rhodesia Barrow maker for judicial proceedings in an attempt to prove that indigenous African customary law Barrow policy with Western legal Compared commonalities than differences.

Two years later, American anthropologist Paul Bo Annan put forward the opposite view, in his book Tifton human justice and judgment and that the people of Nigeria Tifton law as compared with the Anglo American law, there are big differences. To this end he distinguishes between folk architecture and Analysis System: Western legal course developed, but it is still a kind of folk architecture If we ignore it, and put it as Analysis System to apply, will inevitably lead to right misinterpretation of the study, which caught my ethnocentrism, will be directed at Kangaroo Blackman.

Which led to more than 30 years since the two academic debate. This is the history of the famous Anglo American legal anthropology Gerber dispute. In addition to the two sides on the character of reasons, such a long debate seems only one explanation: no solution. West African native law and what commonalities than differences in method, or the difference is greater than common? Whether and how to use Western legal context to describe and analyze non Western legal system?

Is it necessary to use the law anthropological research methods? Kangaroo …… Blackman and Bo Annan had clearly debated or related to these issues, it is a century Anglo American legal anthropology constantly face, still unresolved dilemma lies. Paper is divided into four chapters, of which the first three chapters in accordance with the order of events causes controversy, after an end to the whole process of sorting out, the fourth chapter is a summary analysis and debate differences.

Arrangements are as follows: The first chapter of the controversy occurred in the conditions and causal factors necessary for a detailed inspection. 19th century colonial home world number one not only for the kangaroo Cecil Rhodes Blackman and Bo Annan provides fieldwork research site, also funded them into the mainstream of British anthropology academic circles; 20 half of the centurys most efficient colonization Strategy inventor Frederick Luge De compared them to enter the field provides a direct motivation, even for their study provides significance.

In addition to Malinowski had been involved in this issue slightly outside the field had not previously had a similar debate. But the 1950 background knowledge has undergone new changes: Anglo American anthropology start humanities steering, maturing American anthropology cultural relativism, cultural universalism makeovers, structural linguistics is having an impact on anthropology. By the United States as well as the influence of ideas of cultural relativism in second language acquisition aspects of talent, Bo Annan launched the debate, and he chose kangaroo Blackman as the target of criticism because of the latters book is the first in the field In the case of a direct observation of materials based on written legal ethnography.

As a Russian born Jew born inSouth Africa, on the life and career experience makes kangaroo Blackman became a radical racial equality advocates, family influence also brought him a strong legal complex, so kangaroo Blackman will universalist perspective adopted Western legal category. But has been criticized somewhat odd, Bo Annan also questioned a bit hasty. These conditions and factors together determine the Anglo American legal anthropology in the 1950s appeared kangaroo Blackman and Bo Annan debate.

Chapter II according to the literature published in time, trying to objectively neutral Blackman and Bo Annan on kangaroo and controversy about the published treatise were systematically combing and interpretation, and in accordance with the content and its relevance is divided into four stages. First published in the respective legal ethnography. As never thought she would have been criticized, so Barrow maker for judicial proceedings is a kangaroo Blackman theory and methods original rendering. And Tifton human justice and judgment also reflects the Bo Annan ideal academic fieldwork period.

The next debate really started, from 1959 to 1968 decade, the two sides were published, including books, papers, book reviews, including the 12 / papers, and are specialized for debate and for the writings . Austrian law anthropology convening of the meeting marked a comprehensive upgrade of this battle of words: they both face to face meeting were raging debate, so that the debate has become the focus of the Anglo American legal anthropology.

Anglo American legal anthropology dilemma: Kangaroo Blackman and Bo Annan dispute

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