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Pedestrian traffic characteristics of large scale events

Pedestrian traffic characteristics of large scale events

the need for effective pedestrian traffic organization and replica fendi management plan

Personnel intensive large scale activities, the need for effective pedestrian traffic organization and management plan to provide the whole process a good pedestrian traffic services. Otherwise, it is likely to cause inconvenience to staff, even the formation of security risks, the occurrence of injury. This paper analyzes the major events during the distribution characteristics of pedestrian traffic, pedestrian traffic flow, pedestrian behavioral characteristics and found that the law, in order to validate the simulation platform, the system constitutes a major event of pedestrian traffic organization and planning methods for pedestrian traffic management may encounter issues, provide effective traffic measures.

Previous large scale events at home and abroad through distribution and management of pedestrian traffic flow characteristics, and other aspects of pedestrian behavior analysis, found that due to environmental conditions, social and cultural differences influence the research results abroad is not suitable for Chinas environmental characteristics, relevant parameters inconsistent with China. Domestic for pedestrians in qualitative research group events management, building fire safety and urban spatial planning level studies, the lack of transportation for large events pedestrian traffic characteristics and behavioral characteristics of the study.

Pedestrian traffic flow parameters have been relatively weak, the lack of systematic large scale distribution activities pedestrians, traffic flow characteristics, traffic behavior, and pedestrian traffic inChinaon the basis of the system characteristics of pedestrian traffic organization method. In this study, several field surveys, a large number of cities across the country issuing questionnaires, based on the analysis of the distribution characteristics of pedestrians, traffic flow characteristics and behavioral characteristics. By analyzing construct the corresponding model and found that the application of the law and proposed methodological recommendations.

Research on large scale events pedestrians, distribution has been analyzed. According to the type of activity time, finish time for the audience into the centralized type, the audience dispersed into the finish time of the events, were constructed pedestrian arrival, finish the distribution model, pointing out that pedestrian traffic during major events, cumulative percentage distribution relationship with time . Based on the number of seats proposed venue, the export number of evacuation time prediction model.

By Gini concentration and other indicators, providing pedestrian distribution process evaluation method, compared to the distribution of different organizational conditions for pedestrians process. Pedestrian traffic flow distribution and randomness with trends, research using time series analysis, white noise analysis method to analyze the process of pedestrian traffic flow distribution fluctuation characteristics, directly provide a quantitative basis for developing management programs. Speed is essential pedestrian pedestrian traffic flow characteristic parameters.

In this study, statistical analysis of a large number of measured data to study the pedestrian gender, Hang conditions, site conditions, trip purpose, site conditions and other factors of convergence speed impact on pedestrians, and for different site conditions differences analyzed pedestrian speed   density   Traffic relations, the establishment of ground and stairs pedestrian traffic flow model environment, on this basis, analyzes the capacity of pedestrian facilities.

For large events lined up features in the measured data is proposed based on the corresponding channel capacity queuing. Pedestrian facilities, service level classification peers who direct traffic flow characteristics, pedestrians feel relevant, this study Chinese pedestrian traffic flow and congestion receptive properties, hierarchical classification method proposed level of service for all types of pedestrian organization to provide a reasonable standard test program. Pedestrians in a large event, under the conditions of different venues feelings, behaviors, directly affect activities of the organization and effectiveness. In this paper, the context of a large sample surveys to pedestrians, sex, height, age factors, based on the Logit model, building pedestrian congestion state behavior model.

Analysis of travel distance, traffic environment and information to guide the pedestrian path selection effects, building pedestrian path selection model, and the model for the interpretation of the role of factors has been verified. In the traditional indicators of traffic flow on the basis of quantitative analysis, then put forward in an orderly and entropy as an indicator of the degree of evaluation methods for the solution provide the basis for comparison.

In the pedestrian traffic characteristics, behavioral characteristics of basic research and applied research on the basis of the simulation, the system put forward for the organization of large events planning, management principles and methods. Through simulation method on traffic characteristics and management plan for testing, and ultimately to the Olympic venues pedestrian traffic organizations and programs than chosen application, planning and evaluation methods were verified. Based on the distribution characteristics of pedestrians, traffic flow characteristics, behavioral characteristics and program evaluation research methods for large scale events pedestrian traffic organization, provides the basis for the data model based on the law and system analysis methods.

Pedestrian traffic characteristics of large scale events

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