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Metonymy Rhetorical Criticism

Metonymy Rhetorical Criticism

Rhetorical Criticism Theory of Rhetoric is an replica fendi handbags important component

Rhetorical Criticism Theory of Rhetoric is an important component. In recent years, especially domestic scholars presented their research gradual warming trend. Rhetorical Criticism, by definition, that is to rely on the theory of rhetorical criticism rhetorical phenomena. The metonymy as a rhetorical phenomenon should also be rhetorical criticism. Meanwhile, metonymy theory is developed rapidly in recent years, a hot research topic.

Scholars from different angles carried out more extensive research. Currently in this regard, foreign research focuses on the concept of cognitive linguistics within the framework of its positioning, classification and its semantics, grammar, syntax, and discourse studies. 20 In the early 1980s, cognitive linguists only mentioned in passing in his discussion of metaphors metonymy. 1990s begin, metonymy study was only put on the agenda. Part of domestic scholars study the metonymy as a figure of speech to look at another part of the Cognitive Linguistics Horizon concern metonymy. Overall, the study abroad metonymy side rather broad, but there are limitations of sight mainly in metonymy research and its body language between all levels, research ideas is not enough open issues .

In particular, tend to introduce Western domestic research findings, lack of originality theory and research methods. Overall, domestic and foreign research were not mentioned on the rhetorical criticism of metonymy. In view of domestic and foreign research status in this field, this paper attempts to rhetorical criticism perspective on the analysis and evaluation of metonymy and metonymy and Rhetorical Criticism integrate a new paradigm  Criticism metonymy analysis, explaining its standard, operability and applicability features built on a reasonable and suitable for analysis and evaluation of discourse metonymy phenomenon discourse analysis mode.

Reference qualitative study focused research methods, research tools used to append text based language descriptive analysis through rigorous argument to obtain rigorous logical validity. Criticism metonymy analysis process based on qualitative research sampling principle purpose of the specific strategies selected from the corpus representative discourse analysis steps to verify the operability and applicability.

In addition, the subject of the main absorption of classical rhetoric, new rhetoric, critical discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, political science, translation studies and other research areas relevant principles and methods. While the rhetorical theory of reference, this topic has always been the cornerstone of Western rhetoric, rhetoric in contemporary research as a guide, both in the inheritance and innovation continue to promote the deepening of research.

The main subject of the following aspects to make a meaningful innovations: 1 reasonable definition of the key terms rhetorical criticism, criticism, metonymy, criticized metonymy analysis and metonymy capabilities; 2 clear rhetorical criticism of metonymy analysis steps; 3 for the first time based on Western rhetoric more systematically rhetorical criticism of metonymy reorientation steps to build a structured, rational structure of the research paradigm; 4 obtained metonymy Rhetorical Criticism Research enlightenment, which in English writing, reading and translation capabilities metonymy students have important practical significance.

In addition, the subject of the rhetorical situation and ideology and other important concepts in depth Analysis of the comparison and demonstration are presented on the basis of its own with some innovative ideas. This studys main innovation is reflected in the Western rhetoric of related concepts such as speech screen, rhetorical motive, rhetorical situation, rhetorical persuasion, same, etc. into the rhetorical metonymy Criticism of the three steps of the analysis, the analytical model and gradually criticism metonymy clarity.

In this study, based on the theory of rhetorical criticism of the analysis and evaluation of metonymy has made a theoretical breakthrough that will help to establish the many criticisms metonymy Analysis Rhetorical Criticism mode place, showing its unique theoretical value. Rhetorical Criticism metonymy for discourse analysis to build a new model provides a theoretical reference.

This topic is also based on analysis of criticism metonymy metonymy build capacity and ability to put forward five metonymy important part, which will provide teaching of English writing, reading and translation teaching teaching provide some practical value, help improve students language skills and ability.

Metonymy Rhetorical Criticism

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