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Persons transcendent philosophical explanation

Persons transcendent philosophical explanation

the mans transcendence natural physiological basis replica fendi bags

Man is a unique transcendence exists. Human life structural non specialized people has great possibilities and plasticity, thus laying the mans transcendence natural physiological basis, enabling people to come out from the general elevate animals, beyond the shackles of instinct.

However, as a transcendental existence, human transcendence not only refers to the natural physiological properties and functions of some of the other animals than natural, but mainly in the social attributes, aspects of cultural property. Human transcendence is not rootless grass, come out of nowhere, but the structure of human existence inherent requirements. Survives as implying the existence of its own rich structure, also identified human transcendence. Human transcendence embodied in human beings transcend the individual, the ideal of reality beyond the limited and unlimited right beyond these three areas. Beyond the intrinsic properties of the human, and thus human life activities are also beyond. So transcendent human life activity is to show how out of it? Different philosophers give different answers.

In philosophical anthropology cultural Landman, Landman inherited and developed the philosophical anthropology on the positive results of human studies, he advocated the freedom of creative people have put a vast culture, society, history and traditions to be examined, so here Landman, who embodies the transcendence of human cultural creation process.

Creative people who not only compensates for deficiencies in the biological properties, but also generated a major force in human culture. Conversely culture also compensates for a non specialized arising defects. On the one hand people to help improve their own culture, beyond the life instinct restrictions, on the other culture is in the persons social, historical and traditional generation and construction. Create cultural activities in the human process, plays a vital role symbols, symbols are linked people and culture intermediary and bridges. German philosopher Ernst Cassirer will people defined as the symbol of the animals, visible symbol can give people in a constant awareness and the ability to grasp the world.

Thus, in Cassirers symbolic philosophy, human sexual activity beyond the history of human use symbols to express constructed by language, mythology, religion, art, history, science and culture in the form of the organic composition of culture as a whole process. In Marxs practical philosophy, practice is the origin of human existence and activity patterns of life. Practice is one of the essential characteristics of its transcendence, that is the moment to be above and beyond the boundaries towards new goals, in particular in: constantly transcend the material and the spiritual, the individual and society, utilitarian and non-utilitarian, reality and the ideal opposition to achieve their opposites process, and thus human life course is super human practice unfolding process, and explains the history of human development in practical activities beyond the life of the properties.

By Landman, Cassirer, Marx thought about human transcendence comparative analysis, we can see Landman, Cassirer only from the cultural, symbolic of a single dimension to the study of human transcendence, which can only is to stay in the speculative intellect level to explore. And Marx who will resort to the transcendence of human practice, so the reality of human life activity as the foundation of human transcendence is understandable and can be achieved, because not only survive in the cultural world, survive in the world of symbols, but also living in practical activities, there is not only a cultural symbol of existence, but the practice still exists.

Man is beyond existence, the definition of the human cultural, symbolic, practical blend. Human transcendence is human practice of intrinsic motivation and mechanisms, is a human cultural creation, symbols, activities and practices of the highest performance and implementation. People in the cultural, symbolic level only unifying transcendent dimension in human practice was able to transcendence possible.

From a philosophical point of view of human transcendence systematic study, from the structure of human existence and the reality of life defined in terms of human activity, human studies to expand the New Horizons; rooted in the structure of human existence is human transcendence intrinsic properties, is to study the overall development of the premise of the problem, so the human transcendence systematic research that can comprehensive development of man to provide theoretical support; epistemological aspects of mans transcendence for understanding the point of departure, will break the traditional The main object of conscious limitations, including the establishment of a culture of epistemology, social epistemology and the unity of nature, including epistemology epistemology; transcendence from human to understand the practice, practice and cultural bridge links with intermediaries symbols of status and role of highlighting out, which enrich and supplement the Practice of Marxist philosophy. In addition, the study of human transcendence also very important practical significance, which is mainly reflected in the play to peoples transcendence, to promote harmonious development of society; life in education to achieve transcendence; cultivate people’s transcendental consciousness, innovative personality construct three aspects.

Persons transcendent philosophical explanation

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