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Promote renewable energy development and taxation policy research

Promote renewable energy development and taxation policy research

the development of renewable and clean alternative energy replica fendi handbags

Energy is human survival, an important foundation for the development of economic and social development plays an indispensable role in promoting. As the world economy, the traditional fossil energy scarcity of resources and their consumption has brought environmental and climate change pressures increasingly apparent, the history of the four traditional energy consumption energy crisis and environmental hazards posed to sustainable human development sounded the alarm, and become the current international political, economic, military and diplomatic concerns the strategic focus of the development of renewable and clean alternative energy to become the worlds urgent requirement.

In wind power, solar energy, small hydro, biomass and other renewable energy based, with a clean environment, sustainable recycling advantages, along with scientific and technological level and manufacturing capacity, and gradually expand the size of the market, its price gradually reduce, in part Renewable energy has been initially have commercial value, with a strategic alternative energy properties.

At the same time, since the high tech attributes of renewable energy, development of renewable energy has been released more than a gradual depletion of conventional energy sources worldwide and international climate change rules to bring a series of constraints, but also become a driving force of global economic development, promote a new round of energy structural adjustment and energy technology revolution is the driving force in human history, even called it the fourth technological revolution.

Of fossil energy resources per capita is less, too much reliance on coal based fossil resources, the formation of the economic development model, to our resources, environmental constraints and rules of international climate change deal with tremendous pressure, affects our a major obstacle to sustainable development.Chinais still developing, the future economic development will be in rapid development period, dependent on fossil energy sources to meet future energy needs of economic development, in terms of natural resources and environmental protection as well as the perspective of international climate change rules are not allowed.

Endowment of renewable energy resources better, based on current estimates, the overall reserves of 5 billion kilowatts or more, if fully utilized, to meet the needs of future development, the development of renewable energy has become an inevitable choice for our reality, to promote the sustainable development of low carbon, resource constraints eliminated, ensure energy security, adjust the energy consumption structure, reduce urban rural gap, opening up new economic growth point, building an innovative country and to assume responsibility for global climate change, establish an international image, and so has an important strategic significance.

From the historical point of view of energy use, alternative energy is a long process, historical experience shows that even in the existing technical conditions, the worldwide energy system replacement at least 50 years, need for human beings to make a great effort, Renewable energy, although currently in a preliminary alternative property, but as a complete alternative energy development will continue to be a long process and requires long term fiscal policy support, this country should be fully prepared. Fiscal and taxation policies to promote renewable energy implementation, we must first comply with its own renewable energy objective law of development, from the principle of renewable energy technologies, operation and characteristics of specific analysis, renewable energy has a high tech, externalities, industrialization, capital-intensive, and the combination of centralized and distributed six main characteristics.

Development of the renewable energy industry can be divided into research and development, demonstration, industrial development, commercialization several stages, each stage of development bottleneck and required policies are different. From the industrys overall analysis shows that the market, research and development, capital, policy is the main motivating factors in the four factors, market and R & D is the most important factor, policies and capital are the two elements around the market and R & D expansion .Chinain the formulation and implementation of policies to promote renewable energy development process, in conjunction with the above rules and technical and market situation, we must first clear focus on the development of current and future what? When developing? How to achieve efficient development and other issues. Renewable energy from the correction of externalities, market failure perspective, combining renewable energy with the quasi-public product attributes as well as national finance, taxation functions.

Promote renewable energy development and taxation policy research

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