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Seclusion and Beyond

Seclusion and Beyond

a beyond suffering, hardship, eliminate replica fendi handbags self alienation and into freedom

In the history of Chinese painting, painting merits of the standard review, in the Tang Dynasty is divine, wonderful, can, fleeing tasting way to appear. But four lattice theory has been a controversial draw, the focus of the implementation of the final product in the Plaza which is high with Kamijina controversy. Since the Yuan Dynasty, has generally higher than that Yiping Kamijina.

Therefore, we take an objective, dispassionate perspective of modern painting Yiping kernel Yiping awareness, development and the unique social and cultural background, to do some rational investigation, in particular examine Yiping between painting and traditional cultural ideology relationship, no doubt is a rational approach to the contemporary understanding of traditional arts is one important way.

Zhuangzi aesthetics of traditional cultural ideology has a relatively important, it directly to the traditional art provides an important cultural gene, and constantly given new meaning. Zhuangzi aesthetics not only provide an objective and rational way of thinking, but also the natural wealth sensibility to capture the hearts of the problem directly and through high culture, high accomplishment to filter, purify the problem. This is Chinese painting, especially the experience of communicating Yiping painting method, which is the philosophical aspects behind Zhuangzi presented, very deep way of thinking, is a deep sense of life experience.

This deep, both from on spiritual sensibility of intensity, but also comes from the depth of understanding of traditional culture. This departure from the life experience of consciousness, face life difficulties, suffering and self alienation, seeking a beyond suffering, hardship, eliminate self alienation and into freedom, ignoring the realm of life, a philosophy of seeking spiritual liberation. Both derived from the anguish out of boredom again be surpassed. This is the core of Zhuangzi aesthetics, but also the core of the idea of aesthetic Yiping.

Thus, the Aesthetic awareness on development Yiping have some intrinsic, logical theoretical relationship. Japanese scholars believe that this fellow, the ancient Chinese aesthetics, Literary Theory revelation to humanity poetic universe, revelation of the secrets of the art, there is no secret, but also revealed the transcendence of the United States. Thus he thinks of oriental aesthetics especially the Aesthetic is even more important today, even make todays world full of new angry.

We face of modern industrial civilization, humanity in the face of material civilization, science universal human reason in blind obedience, engrossed in a pursuit of the value of goods, and stress utilitarian utility era, in a highly developed human reason, everything mechanization and computerization the era of human spirituality what? What is the value of art? spiritual aesthetics what? This is a real and eternal question, worthy of our consideration, which is the Western contemporary and modern aestheticians are confused concerns. Zhuangzi Aesthetics in the history of human thought, the earliest to the individual spiritual freedom as a starting point, advocates of the human spirit from the Dying for Fame, martyrdom Lee, martyrdom world self alienation freed.

Yiping consciousness in a calm tranquil state of mind, in a harmonious blend of man and nature, in the disappearance of subjective self oblivion in Heaven in the life and the world as a dream, an aesthetic image to taste, resulting in the spiritual level beyond out and get eternal liberation. Zhuangzi and Yiping painter touched the problems of modern still has a very urgent, meaning worthy of study. This paper attempts to sort out the origin of consciousness Yi, to the formation and development of consciousness Yiping and painter Yiping case analysis, to sort out Yiping consciousness and the Aesthetic mutual relations.

The Aesthetics therein, not to judge the correctness of the conclusions, but their thinking processes instructive, suggestive, and scratch the profound Kenkatsu. Thinking Methodology for the absorption of Ancient Painting, drawing, the modern artist is a certain sense. Yiping Zhuang Zi and aesthetic idea is a very rich system, with deep and broad content, with a broad understanding for a variety of mood, if we can learn from the overall trend of the development of the human spirit, the general trend in deeply to understanding this aesthetic significance essence, identify Zhuangzi and Yiping aesthetic ideas of the human spirits unique contribution to determine Zhuangzi and Yiping aesthetic thought in the human aesthetic history significance, which is probably the true, eternal vitality, but also probably like this Road in the letter said, is Chinas aesthetics on the vitality of world significance.

Seclusion and Beyond

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