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Construction of combinatorial theory of emotional intelligence

Construction of combinatorial theory of emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is traditionally neglected by replica fendi an intellectual intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is traditionally neglected by an intellectual intelligence, it is primarily research emotions, feelings, emotions in the wisdom of intellectual activities and how they function in close synergy with the cognitive processing of emotional problems.

Although this idea has a long history, but has long been neglected by most psychologists, use it as a scientific concept proposed and considered only ten years time. Currently, the theory is in a boom period, say, today. To this end, we have emotional intelligence theory is based on the existing problems, to construct a theory of emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence combined threedimensional structure theory.

This study aimed first according to our theoretical conception of emotional intelligence construct the structural model, and then verify the reasonableness of his theory. Research on Emotional Intelligence in theory construction aspects: First, define the definition of emotional intelligence theory.

In this regard, according to the mood and emotional relationship between the information, the relationship between cognition and emotion, intelligence and the relationship between emotional intelligence contact, etc., to absorb the information processing theory, information theory ideas expounded both individual emotions, feelings and emotional feelings from within or from outside the relationship reactions are emotional information to respond to the views of the emotional intelligence is defined as information processing and handling of emotions and resolve emotional problems. The second step set according to the theoretical definition of emotional intelligence research object, content and mode of operation.

Object dimension refers to the study of emotional intelligence target range, which consists of pointing to himself, pointing to others, point to the ecological environment of three parts; operational dimension refers to the psychological process of emotional intelligence and mental activities, which consists of perception and experience, expressing and evaluation, regulation and control consists of three operating mode; content dimension refers to the different meanings of emotion or emotional information, it is by positive emotions information and negative emotions information of the composition.

Three dimensions of the components together to form 3 * 3 * 2 kinds of emotional competence model, that emotional intelligence factor structure of portfolio theory. In the theoretical model of the structure of its conception empirical research aspects: First, according to the theoretical concept of a combination of 18 kinds of emotional competence and their respective operational definition of emotional intelligence preparation of the paper and pencil selfreport questionnaire and videostyle quiz Scale, the former by the 146 entries composition, test subjects 1054; latter constituted by the 134 entries, 906 tests were tested to verify its conception structure is reasonable. Exploratory factor analysis showed that two scales are able to explore the basic theoretical ideas of 18 kinds of emotional competence; Our two scales were also used confirmatory factor analysis of crossvalidation, the fitting line with psychological indicators Surveying the requirements to prove that two scales have good self construct validity.

Reliability study results indicate that selfreport total scale reliability coefficient was .9226; each factor α coefficient was between .7434 to .9152, splithalf reliability was .8717, testretest reliability is .7911; video style sheet total reliability coefficient is .9362, each factor α coefficient was between .8439 to .9438, splithalf reliability was .6860, testretest reliability was .8231. Two scales have high reliability, the basic construction of emotional intelligence portfolio theory and empirical studies met psychometric standards.

In short, according to the theory of emotional intelligence preparation of threedimensional structure of the two scale tests have proven the reliability and validity of the 18 kinds of theoretical conception of emotional intelligence factors exist, but also that we construct empirical theory is more reasonable. The main innovation of this study: 1, we construct the emotional intelligence portfolio theory may be higher than the currently popular theory of emotional intelligence structure is more reasonable, more logical rigor, hierarchy clearer, stronger general. 2, the theory set of the object of study can cover almost human emotions, feelings, emotions and reach all areas of occurrence; setting of the research can cover almost all types of human emotions; setting of Operation dimension Almost all of the information can include emotional processing and handling. This can be explained by people almost all ranges of emotional information processing, all objects and all content is emotional intelligence theory main innovation of this study. 3, the use of video material measuring emotional intelligence may be groundbreaking.

Construction of combinatorial theory of emotional intelligence

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