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Mental Health Education Development

Mental Health Education Development

Comprehensive review of mental health replica fendi bags education development status

Comprehensive review of mental health education development status, in 20 years of development history, mental health education students at ease the psychological pressure, optimizing students psychological quality has played a positive role, but the educational effectiveness point of view is still worrying, in the education philosophy, educational content, teaching methods and education team, the quality of education and other aspects still exist many problems, is seeking to further develop and improve our mental health education in the era of the development of continuous access to their own values and the raison detre of the inevitable choice.

For development, there is progress, is our continuous access to mental health education a source of vitality. Based on the above thinking, the paper selected for the development of mental health education perspective, and explore our mental healthimproving education and development building. Paper describes the development of mental health education of college students the theoretical basis and practical basis, analyzes the development of mental health education the main content of the times and to the development of students psychological health education look to be the main trend.

First, discusses the development of mental health education connotation and characteristics. Articles from concept to start on the mental health, mental health education, mental health education to be defined. On this basis, for the development of mental health education to analyze the content and characteristics, from the time dimension, mental health education development is a historical process; From the qualitative dimension of speaking, the development of mental health education is the education system itself Mental Health from lower to higher, from the backward to advanced, from traditional to modern, continuous access to a qualitative leap in the process of a new era. Mental health education is not only a time of change, but mainly it is essentially beyond.

Second, summed up the psychological concept of Marxist analysis of the Western concept of mental health education theory. Psychology is the scientific concept of Marxist dialectical materialism psychological concept, practice is the core of the Marxist concept of the psychological, social and historical is the essence of the Marxist concept of psychological characteristics, and the West is seeking three classical theory of psychological health education professional development theoretical roots perspective for us to better peoples psychological world, and constantly promote the improvement of mental health education and development of irreplaceable theoretical guidance and reference.

Meanwhile, the article also reviewed and summarized the domestic and school mental health education and experience in the development process of enlightenment, which is the mental health education of college students seeking practical basis for further development and historical reference. Third, expounded Chinas development of mental health education major, including peoplecentered philosophy of education development, the development of educational content to life, explicit and implicit combination of education development in three aspects.

Among peopleoriented philosophy of education is students psychological health education Beings; toward life educational content is peopleoriented concept to the specific requirements and the reality show, mainly discusses the college marriage education, networking psychological education, life education, career planning guidance; to displaybased, explicit and implicit combination of education development educational philosophy is embodied, carrying an important way to the development of educational content, primarily selected value orientation of college counseling, mental health education curriculum orientation and development, college dormitory building positive psychological field three aspects.

Fourth, explore the psychological health education in our country the main trends of the specific performance of localized development, professional development and to look to the comprehensive development of three. Trends discussed in the localization of psychological health education ideological and political education combined with the characteristics of the development of traditional culture zeitgeist psychological thinking combined with inheritance and beyond, Western counseling theory and Chinas national conditions combined nationalization development; mainly from the concept of professional development professional, professional team building, standardized professional certification, evaluation and other aspects of science education planning; integrated development mainly for mental health education content and operation of integrated development.

Finally, from a practical operational point of view, explores the build with Chinese characteristics, mental health education system theory strategy: peopleoriented, educational developmental as the main mental health education; take the initiative to build comprehensive mental health education services network; self achieved with both social value, attention to the psychological promote ideological and moral qualities; to team building as an opportunity to improve the mental health education in our higher education system in the professional status.

Mental Health Education Development

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