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Young students Personality and Subjective Well Being

Young students Personality and Subjective Well Being

the young students SWB structure, development characteristics replica fendi handbags


SWB Subjective Wellbeing, referred SWB is a measure of the quality of life an important comprehensive psychological indicators, is the humanistic philosophy extends in contemporary psychology, positive psychology is one of the most striking fields.

This study from the perspective of indigenous psychology, combined with theoretical studies and experimental studies related method, the young students SWB structure, development characteristics, and the relationship between Big Five Personality latitude and mechanism for a more comprehensive discussion, and initial construction of the young students and its influencing factors SWB model, the text is divided into six parts.

Introduction This paper first introduces the theoretical background and research ideas. SWB study outlines the history of the field, the relationship between personality and SWB and SWB youth development and measurement problems. On this basis, this study presents the main elements and ideas. Second young students SWB Scale in Huebner 1994 prepared by the Youth Life Satisfaction Scale prepared on the basis of our young students life satisfaction scale. On the 1045 coastal and inland young students conducted measurements, exploratory EFA and confirmatory factor analysis CFA results indicate that young students life satisfaction is a secondorder sixfactor model.

And Huebner 1994 compared the scale, in the family, friendships, school, and four latitude environment is the same, but the lives of our young student satisfaction and academic freedom also includes two unique factors. Test results show that the scale has good reliability and validity.

Third young students SWB scale studies carried out in self development of young students SWB study explores the demographic variables, the Big Five personality relationship between latitude and SWB. The results showed that the overall life satisfaction, school satisfaction, environment and family satisfaction there is a significant grade differences. In addition to school satisfaction givers, basically college students than high school students, junior high school students than high school students. In Friendship, Freedom and negative emotional interactions grades and family seat evident.

In the positive emotion, grade, location and family economic status family interaction obvious. In the Big Five Personality and SWB relations, extraversion, neuroticism and SWB three latitudes in all grades were significantly related, conscientiousness, agreeableness and openness in relations with SWB different ages have different doctorate Papers young students SWB relationship with a personality characteristic.

Study found that personality acts as demographic variables affect the wellbeing of mediating variables, personality and demographic variables enhance the binding energy of the predictive power of SWB. Title IV personality, social comparison and experimental study happiness: a cognitive mechanism exploration. In comparison capabilities, relationships and life adaptation compare explores the background of personality, social comparison with SWB relationship. Research shows that personality, social comparison of comparison with SWB relationship latitude areas and time varies. The ability to compare areas, social comparison serves as extraversion and neuroticism affect happiness intermediary. In the comparison between the field, either with friends or head comparisons, personality and the direction of the main effect of relatively obvious, but the direction of the interaction of personality and relatively obvious, showing social comparison does not affect the wellbeing of personality as mediating variables.

Adapt to the background in life, regardless of comparative reference point in individual life now or in the future stages of the life stages, neuroticism, social comparison on happiness main effects and interaction effects significantly, indicating social comparison serves as neuroticism affect happiness intermediary. For neurotic subjects, when comparing the reference point in the individuals life stage now, downward comparison enhance its wellbeing, no significant difference between the personality; upward comparison reducing happiness, personality differences between apparent.

When comparing the reference point in individual life in the future stage, downward comparison reduces happiness, personality differences between apparent; upward comparison to enhance the wellbeing, personality differences between apparent. Pour on the inside and outside were tested for both comparative reference point in individual stages of life now and in the future stages of life, personality, social comparison effects on happiness main effect is obvious, but the interaction is not obvious.

Shows that social comparison does not act as extraversion personality affect happiness intermediary. Inside and outside the social comparison information introverts reflect different extroverts reflection of social comparison information is similar to the low neuroticism who introverts either upward or downward comparison will reduce happiness. Fifth chapter comprehensive discussion and research prospects in the aforementioned findings, based on the SWB and its influencing factors on adolescent relationship between a comprehensive discussion, particularly on the role of personality and its mechanism for swn were discussed, which presents a integration of young model SWB and its influencing factors. Finally, problems and future research directions of reflection and prospects.

Young students Personality and Subjective WellBeing

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