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Based on competitive financial strategy management research

Based on competitive financial strategy management research

 replica fendi bags Strengthen strategic management has become the current trend

Survival of the fittest is the basic rules of market competition, business requirements may survive and develop, not only have the daily management of scientific fine, but more far sighted strategic vision and strategic thinking. Strengthen strategic management has become the current trend and fashion management community, with suitable financial strategy management is also becoming increasingly influenced by financial theory and practical circles unprecedented attention.

However, with relatively mature and prosperous compared to the strategic management discipline, strategic management of financial history is not long, the results are not many, but, in the management of the relevant financial strategy works, most of the works only from one aspect of the financial Discussion the companys financial strategy, strategic management issues for financial research focuses on financing, investment, distribution, mergers and acquisitions and other areas of financial management, the finance, light strategy is the current financial sector financial strategy management research a common phenomenon. The author believes that the strategic concept will attempt to import the financial management and innovation, strategic thinking is the main line runs through the financial management, financial strategy management is not just for financing, investment, financial management content distribution strategic thinking, but should be a strategic perspective on the financial management of content to revisit and redefine, excavated from the strategic nature of the strategic management of financial connotation, financial management mode of thinking outside the box, follow the developments in strategic management, strategic management structures comply with the law of financial strategy management framework .

As competition Strategic Management Strategic Concept has been recognized and accepted general community, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises oriented strategic management has become a major trend, therefore, create a financial strategy management system, based on the competitiveness of enterprises in the financial perspective Strategic Management is bound to be a realistic choice smooth trend.

In this thesis, the author follows the questions, analyze problems, problem-solving research ideas, theory to practice in accordance with the order expanded hierarchical, progressive research.

In the financial strategy management theory study, this paper is to solve the problem is financial strategy management in the enterprise strategic management in what position? Support the financial management of the main theoretical basic strategy What? Why core competence is to determine the main parameters of the competitiveness of enterprises ? How to determine the company’s competitive position? How to achieve competitive evaluation and strategic financial management integration? Why should carry out strategic cost management as a basis for the management of financial strategy, how to use strategic cost management to create competitive advantage? strategic management in the financial practical study, the problem to be solved is how to finance the enterprise strategic management decisions and choices scientifically determine the companys competitive strategy?

How to deal with the fierce market environment adjust the business behavior? How different stages of the life cycle of enterprises to create sustainable competitive advantage? How to create and adapt the organizations financial strategy? How leading financial strategy and organizational structure to meet the coordination lag ? how to establish effective financial strategic resource allocation model and improve financial strategy control system? how to use the control lever in the financial management of the implementation strategy for effective control? how budgetary control of resources through the effective organization? how strategic management of the financial results measured and evaluated?

How to evaluate the competitiveness of enterprises? How to use the Value Management System VBM to measure the value of enterprise strategy and evaluation? How to use the Balanced Scorecard SBC for corporate financial results for the strategic management of a comprehensive evaluation. As financial strategy management is a combination of theory and practice more closely applied research, in this paper, the author based on the strategic management of financial characteristics, system research methods, norms and empirical research combining methods, models and measurement fuzzy judgment method of combining, history and logic combination of methods to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises as the core, strategic cost management as a strategic management and corporate finance to create a competitive advantage linked points on with suitable financial strategy decisions selection, control and evaluation of a systematic exposition and analysis of the competitiveness of enterprises based on the financial perspective for the strategic management of interdisciplinary research and study, not only reflects the financial strategy management strategy commonalities and lays out the financial Strategic Management in the Finance personality.

Based on competitive financial strategy management research

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