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Crisis response system assessment and Mechanism

Crisis response system assessment and Mechanism

public crises and emergencies have become the norm replica fendi in the social environment

Currently, globalization and networking to make the already complex social environment is becoming more dynamic and uncertain, public crises and emergencies have become the norm in the social environment and the new tab.

If you do not have a scientific and effective coping mechanisms, the crisis of uncertainty, complexity and unpredictability, the crisis will likely result in loss of control. Crisis response systems and mechanisms for research will help to establish a complete system of crisis response, and thus the economic and social development play a support, security and stability.

Current academic crisis response system and mechanism is still relatively weak, mostly sporadic, preliminary theoretical discussion, has not yet formed a systematic, systematic research, and combined with our actual system, in depth study is still less, and even fewer quantitative research.

Based crisis cycle theory, a comprehensive crisis management theory and theory of sustainable development, the use of model analysis, case studies, empirical analysis and statistical analysis methods and measurement factor for regional flexibility, emergency decision model based coordination on issues such as the crisis of the system, the main research and innovation are as follows:

1, the area under the management flexibility posture assessment. Based on situational management perspective, from the inside, time and external flexibility constitute three datum analysis region, and then construct a hierarchy of regional flexibility assessment models help to identify weaknesses in crisis response system. Found: Regional flexibility by the resistance, resilience and innovation constitute the three intrinsic properties of each of the key elements of intrinsic properties as the elastic region specific measure.

2, crisis response system analyzes the main factors. Assessment model based on regional flexibility, the use of 10 cities in 2003 2007 panel data elements of the assessment of regional flexibility empirical analysis to identify the key factors affecting the elastic region. The results show that regional flexibility and per capita income, emergency access, emergency support, social system and other factors are related, including emergency support for regional impact factor maximum flexibility. And information dissemination, GDP and unemployment and other factors negatively correlated with regional flexibility. Crisis facing the area proposed to enhance the flexibility Recommendation: should change this to the environment for development model of economic development, from an emphasis on development, economic GDP, the ecological civilization, humanities GDP change; establish interdepartmental emergency security system, the implementation of flat management ; to build a sound information dissemination mechanism to ensure the crisis information is true, complete and scientific; through improved initial distribution to improve the income of most people, to avoid internal coordination imbalances.

3, collaborative governance model of crisis response. From the perspective of synergetic theory to analyze the characteristics of the crisis response system, and further study of the crisis response system in an external opening mechanism, internal coordination mechanisms and dynamic mechanism for constructing crisis valid path collaborative governance mechanisms in depth discussion and simulation of the crisis response system in the evolution of self organization. Study found that: establish cross sectoral, integrated crisis management institutions, to build multi level crisis response coordination mechanism to strengthen the protection of emergency resources and soft power building, will help to achieve the synergy governance crisis response, crisis response system through adequate The time will be self organizing evolution to equilibrium. Theoretical analysis of the use of self organizing crisis response system evolution mechanism of self organization, self organization of crisis response system and a necessary condition for the evolution of motivation. And Logistic model in ecology crisis response system to build a system dynamics model.

To contain three main emergency management model, its simulation. The results show that the crisis response system to be self organizing evolutionary stable state; emergency management time required for the body to achieve a balance with the initial state and the intrinsic growth rate positively related to the size and balance within the network the number of emergency management body, itself the largest positive related to the equilibrium state emergency management body size is closely related with the competing effect coefficient.

Thus, by enhancing resource protection, multiple participation, information sharing and collaborative governance initiatives have contributed to the crisis response system evolution of self organization. 4, the dynamics of crisis response decision making model and communication countermeasures. Dynamic game based on incomplete information, analyzing how the new crisis manager receives information and the results of periodic emergency response decisions. And according to the various stages of the crisis communication needs of the public to develop countermeasures to effectively tackle the crisis. Found: Build an emergency crisis manager decision function, analyze the pros and cons emergency plan will help crisis manager for dynamic decision making. The information needs of the public to communicate the crisis measures selected key factor. Build a dynamic crisis response spiral model, the dynamics of the crisis response process analysis.

 Crisis response system assessment and Mechanism

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