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From Conflict to integrate

From Conflict to integrate

 the internal political situation and the multi ethnic political replica fendi bags development

Inter ethnic relations by the political, ethnic and political relations between the countries constitute ethnic political relations, a profound impact on the internal political situation and the multi ethnic political development trend of the world, and thus become an important national political science research.

This article looks at the basic pattern of ethnic political relations research to study cognitive and ethnic conflicts, ethnic integration as the focus, is designed to prevent, suppress and resolving ethnic conflicts, improve governance performance multi ethnic nation to provide some ideas. Although this group can be expressed as ethnic racial, ethnic, tribal and other specific forms of the species, but these race groups are essentially stable human community of interests, and both of these groups belong to different countries.

Every nation will carry out the demands of group interests and maintenance of a multi ethnic country each also bear the national interests and security of the distribution functions of safeguarding national interests and aspirations, distribution and protection of national interests have to be with the political system and the political forces. National political relationship is formed around the congeners interests between nations, peoples and the complex interactions between countries. Scored around and shared interests, ethnic conflict and political relations, showing the integration of two basic modes.

And conflict, ethnic integration model corresponding political behavior is ethnic conflict and ethnic integration. For the multi ethnic country in terms of response to ethnic conflict and ethnic integration is a multi ethnic nation to maintain control of this project two aspects go hand and deal with ethnic conflicts and maintain the effectiveness of both ethnic integration pursued by the states national political value impact, but also by the national technical capacity to use the influence of national governance.

Thesis, the use of comparative political science research methods, literature method ethnic conflict at home and abroad on a more systematic study combing groups around the race classification, the concept of ethnic conflict, the classification of ethnic conflict, ethnic conflict reasons, ethnic conflict resolution mechanisms and process of ethnic conflict studies with its own characteristics.

In particular, the integrated use of ethnicity and ethnic mobilization theory, theory of collective behavior theory interpretation of ethnic and nationalist conflicts, deep understanding and awareness of ethnic conflict provides a new and broader horizon. In addition, by means of ethnic groups and outcomes research perspective of psychology, but also help to understand the ethnic conflict, the development of the complex, subtle and varied. Thesis on the basis of preliminary studies and ethnic conflicts further elaborated corresponding concept of national integration, models and implementation strategies.

In contrast with the ethnic conflict, ethnic integration is a multi ethnic country in ethnic relations, ethnic groups and state relations in good condition, the performance of inter ethnic relations reconciliation, cooperation and friendly relations with the national ethnic groups reasonable, proportionate and harmony . For inter ethnic relations, ethnic relations and national structures set for internal national governance is the bounden duty of contemporary sovereign state. National governance issues in the State must make a difference.

With multi ethnic state power has the responsibility to develop and implement appropriate policies and measures to eliminate and mitigate different ethnic groups around the countrys political structure, economic interests and cultural rights and the allocation of resources and other aspects of social conflicts and contradictions arising, for effective integration, to achieve multi ethnic stability and development.

Papers from the national perspective of the development of political relations lasted noted contemporary ethnic ethnic integration is the development trend of political relations and the basic model, and presents haplotypes integration, fusion and hierarchical integration of three strategies of integration. Papers epilogue right in the West for a comparative analysis of national integration, national governance to highlight the Chinese characteristics and the value ofChinas national political theory.

Another feature of the paper is reflected in the technical research. Papers deal more systematically multi ethnic conflicts and maintain integration strategies, techniques and tools were grouped into control, absorb, identity control, ethnic and political participation, autonomous, isolation and divide and conquer, the contact strategy seven areas, and were defined concepts, presented the implementation details, functional analysis, complemented by case interpretation, from a practical point of service for people cope with ethnic conflicts presented, maintain national integration moves.

From Conflict to integrate

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