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Korean Shamanism Cultural Studies

Korean Shamanism Cultural Studies

Korean shaman culture in the long history of the evolution  replica fendi bags

With the deepening reflection of modernity, tradition and cultural continuity and the practical value of traditional concern. Tradition is no longer considered a dead past, but from the past to the present, and into the future of live cultural elements, it will become a new civilization created by mankind important part.

Shamanism is a primitive religion of mankind, but also the traditional culture of human important part. With the religious culture of research, knowledge about shamanism has also undergone a qualitative change. Shamanism no longer perceived as primitive peoples ignorance and superstition anecdotes, but as a rational human thought and religion an important basis for academic research to a new religious ideas on shamanism in depth study and comprehensive study has been deepening.

Study of Shamanism attracted a large number of religious scholars, ethnologists, folklorists and cultural scholars, research has become a unique shamanism, content rich academic field, and in the ethnography and folklore expedition, and achieved fruitful results. South Korea in this area of research within the academic community has made many achievements, but has not been domestic counterparts to understand and learn.

Thus, in both academia comprehensive introductionKoreaon the basis of research studies, to make up for the lack of domestic academic research is necessary. In this sense it can be said with some information on the paper value of academic value and innovative. Korean shaman culture in the long history of the evolution process of forming its own unique culture, that Shamanism.South Koreais Shamanism well preserved in the country.

Korean Shamanism ingrained, throughout history rooted in the grassroots Korean culture is the foundation of Korean culture. It affects Korean worldview, values and lifestyle. Korean Shamanism has strong vitality, in modernKoreaspolitical, economic and social life continues to play its due role. Therefore we can say Shamanism culture is the key to understand Korean culture.

In this paper, based on the study attempts to advance from a cultural perspective, examine the characteristics of Korean Shamanism cultural and historical evolution, analysis of its different historical stages of change and transformation features, focusing on the cultural vitality of Korean Shamanism source and modern culture value, that Korean Shamanism still relatively intact cultural history, social and cultural causes and Shamanism state of existence in the modern society.

In this article I have to think and solve the main problem is the culture of Korean Shamanism preserved intact causes. The author around this theme in the first attempt on the basis of research carried out their own research. This paper is divided into four chapters were discussed. The first chapter is Korean Shamanism Cultural Analysis.

This chapter summarizes the analysis of the characteristics of Korean Shamanism and Korean Shamanism cultural significance. Korean Shamanism Shamanism cultural characteristics from the basic structure, the analysis summarizes the witch, witch offering the gods Korean Shamanism system. Korean shamanism is a cultural phenomenon, the paper analyzes the five Korean Shamanism cultural significance. First, Shamanism is a people oriented culture; secondly, Shamanism is a culture of resentment digestion; Third, Shamanism is a worship of Gods entertainment culture; fourth, Shamanism is a drinking song and dance culture ; Fifth, Shamanism is a culture of harmony and unity. The second chapter discusses the Korean Shamanism historical evolution and characteristics of the times.

This chapter mainly covers three aspects. First, the South Korean Shamanism historical evolution; Second, Shamanism relations with other religions; Third, Korean Shamanism preserved complete cause analysis. Wherein the first and second part is the first study of historical documents and a comprehensive analysis and generalization, the third part is the author of independent thinking and problem finishing, the author from the three aspects are discussed. The third chapter discusses the Korean modern society Shamanism. The main contents of this chapter by the status of Korean shamanism, shamanism and personal beliefs investigation and analysis, further confirmed Shamanism culture in the presence of the reality of modern society and its influence and role in Korean society. Shamanism inKoreahas penetrated into Korean economic production and social life, it can be said Shamanism Korean culture throughout the entire life.

 Korean Shamanism Cultural Studies

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