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Party Politics and Political Modernity

Party Politics and Political Modernity

Modernity as a Western Enlightenment Declaration of replica fendi handbags Human Rights

Modernity as a Western Enlightenment Declaration of Human Rights, Declaration of Independence, the new era of global expansion of the human spirit, the human experience of Enlightenment, the industrial revolution and religious reform movement of the past three ideological awareness and conducted a disruptive activity achieved the most significant results.

Modernity as a historical state of social development and historical order, the economic performance of a market economy, the pursuit of responsibility contract and equal competition; insist on the implementation of political democracy; culturally advocate freedom, equality and fraternity; while Modernity is also a referent for human survival situation, it respects the legitimate interests focus on human personality and the ability to play, to establish the authority of reason, advocating the autonomy, the safeguarding of human rights, the promotion of human subjectivity and liberation, the pursuit of human rights and freedoms; modernity but also a reflection of the spirit, it contains a pair of progress and modernization process of examining a consideration, reflection and criticism.

Since the Enlightenment, along with the evolution of modernity, humans gradually modernity as a way of life and system model, indicating that the people living in the modern desire for freedom and equality, not only but also eager to get the order and values, this mankind has gradually established a special mode of social life and institutions of the modern democratic system. Party politics as human beings special political community is not only modern democracy important part, it is able to expand and extend modernity is an important area, so the party politics into modernity Perspective, is a twentieth century understanding of modernity rich and perfect.

In the modern development process, with the political community of human consciousness and the demands of modernity increasingly highlighted, certainly within the Community of interests arising from differentiation, differences of interests to seek compromise and integration, and thus demands political participation, eventually leading to political parties formation. It is from the angle of modern evolution theme of this thesis, the thesis is divided into three parts: introduction, body and conclusion.

In the introduction, the main purport explore thesis, significance and value, while noting that political parties have a consciousness of modernity, openness consciousness and reflective consciousness, not only have a global perspective, but also have a share of total time vision, but also to have a deep historical perspective, that the modern study of political parties should adopt a structural, diachronic and synchronic triple dimension. Text: the first chapter, the connotation of modernity carding a brief and pointed political modernity as modernity constitute a major part of the evolution of a modern major paths to democracy, freedom, equality and rights of values as intrinsic element of democracy, freedom, equality and rights of modern democracy as a form of its external support.

Its inherent logical evolution from the Community towards theocracy contractual political community; Community of representative democracy by the Community towards political parties, it can be said that the modern political community consciousness spawned the modern sense of the political generation; second chapter analyzes the political parties operate generation and modernity, meaning that the political parties and political party rheological briefly the basic structure of the classification. In the previous academic achievements of political parties on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of operational functions, and proposed: a the representation of political parties functions: including the expression of interest, integration, policy formulation, etc.

2 political party programs or institutional functions: including political leaders hired, the composition of parliament and government, etc. This feature provides for the study of political parties with strong explanatory power of an analytical framework; Chapter modern political parties sexual connotation and show a systematic analysis, pointing out the legitimacy of political parties, political party democracy, the rule of law and of political parties, party political participation is a political modernity constitute a major component.

Chapter IV, systematic analysis of the political evolution of the multiple dimensions of modernity, pointing out that bureaucracy as structural support to authoritarian oligarchic or minority as a significant sign, has a relatively strict discipline normative constraints, advocates a top down unidirectional overarching political hierarchy, bureaucracy and other classic modern political parties and uphold anti logos, anti centrism, advocating diversity, localism, the pursuit of liberation politics and political life, to promote democracy protests, radical democracy , seeking to marginalize the power, diversity, flattened postmodern alternative political parties and in the program, and many other aspects of the target there are significant differences; And as Social Democrats, the Greens and other parties in the governing ideas of reflective on both oppose classic Modern political parties to pursue a unified and centralized, also opposed postmodern fragmentation of political parties advocate and nihilistic, more attention from the fact that the building norms, advocates negotiated political emphasis on top down and bottom up phase combining democracy.

Can be said that modern transmutation of political parties multidimensional show that with the transformation of society, political parties, political functions and its own legitimacy also advancing with the times to be adjusted. From the classic modernity, modernity to reflect changes in the development of post modern political modernity that suffered crises and confusion.

Party Politics and Political Modernity

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