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Aesthetic criticism and rational reconstruction

Aesthetic criticism and rational reconstruction

sensation and perception between the opposition and division replica fendi bags

Since Descartes I think therefore I am is set to the basic principles of philosophy since the existence of dualistic thinking and structure will inevitably become the traditional theory of the basic logical structure. Exist in the historical events of the main ideas behind the events and reclusive in the inevitability exists between unbridgeable divide.

In epistemology, this dichotomy further showed initiative and passivity, between sensation and perception between the opposition and division. In the thus constructed complex totality, people can not distinguish between what belongs to the specific details unconscious nature of things, what is a persons social activities. In critical theory seems by the result of the traditional theory is that people can not clearly determine the seating arrangement in which the reality of the true state of society.

Critical Theory Hegel merely intended to break the reflection as leading to absolute knowledge an intermediary link setting, which really make the critical social theory become dominant. Horkheimer and Adornos critique of the Enlightenment rationality paradigm continues the aesthetic modernity struggle for enlightenment modernity, the aesthetic Marcuse firmly as a new form of imagination, possibly, the dream world of art aesthetic form and provide the truth to save the memory of choice and intent. Is a progressive human form.

Although theFrankfurtSchoolaesthetics elaborate and romantic aesthetics relevant historical continuity, but it is not the final point to the art itself, while the purpose of emotional liberation lies in the transformation of social reality. In order to achieve the purpose of social change, theFrankfurtSchoolof critical aesthetic practice in aesthetic and social criticism found between the positions of most immediate relevance. But the principles of modern subjectivity.

The main principles illustrates both the advantages of the modern world, and also shows the crisis of the modern world. It reveals the alienation of modern progress and synchronized but the world. Therefore, the first modern study already contains a pair of modern criticism. Since the rules of natural aesthetic criticism subordinate self reflective work, so in critical self awareness of aesthetics in addition to wiping out the trajectory of the Logos, the premise of the inevitability of the rules.

Its job is to be critical of the existing social theoretical analysis, and its goal, with Horkheimers words, is to establish a rational form of life. This determines the critical theory is fundamentally more emphasis on attention to social rationality. In this process of social practice theory, critical theory from the traditional theory and trying to break out again in the actual construction of the theoretical basis of the course has undergone great changes, that is, a theory is a fundamental re  construction kinds of social practice more practical desire replaced.

This forms a critical theory of self contradiction entangled situation, uncertainty about the individuals place in a changing society full of contradictions reveal critical thought to examine individual practice practical significance. Once theFrankfurtSchoolthinkers starting from the concept of alienated labor to analyze science and technology in modern society, the practical utility of the production, the production process is bound to be deprived of anonymity for producers of essential powers of the dark forms. This problem is almost set on this issue and occur simultaneously.

In an alienated philosophical terminology adequately describe society, the separation of knowledge and practice framework has been formed to determine the complex person with neoclassical ideal separation of broken limbs desires, in essence rendered as a structural broken. Be critical to the individual to determine who would mean separation from the social structure already freed, and gives him the mission to reinvent the entire community.

As a result, all of the logical process are explained pushed the field of history, the problem also occurs here: not only the material conditions of existence not only unable to reproduce the whole creation has significant real world, and, on the attitude of the daily life of the senses terms can not have inherent aesthetic principles from classical to extract nutrients to nurture the soul construct meaning beyond all civilized spirit. In aesthetic criticism here, the concept is a form of art reflects the reality of consciousness tenacious power concepts. Art form that is self sufficiency through the plight of the swamp began the process of showing their different formal characteristics. Artistic creation of the world to be denied under normal circumstances is unheard of even in the name of truth, to resist and to smash the established reality. All real logic in this new form of logic has been reduced to negate all the objects.

Aesthetic criticism and rational reconstruction

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