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Megacities measuring greenhouse gas emissions and emissions

Megacities measuring greenhouse gas emissions and emissions

 implementing sustainable development strategy, replica fendi bags greenhouse gas emission reduction is the core link

Increasingly serious climate warming caused by greenhouse effect has become the world economic and social sustainable development important restriction factor. In implementing sustainable development strategy, greenhouse gas emission reduction is the core link. Although there are no rules in the Kyoto protocol targets in developing countries, as suffering from adverse effects of climate change of the developing countries, the Chinese government attaches great importance to climate change, respectively in 1993 and 1993 to join the United Nations framework convention on climate change and the Kyoto protocol.

Shanghai is one of Chinas economic powerhouse and the largest industrial city, the rapid growth of energy consumption at the same time, the highspeed economic development is accompanied by a rise of greenhouse gas emissions. Under this background, the thesis with the characteristic of the urban greenhouse gas GHG emissions research as the main line, from interdisciplinary perspectives such as systematics and the environment, using the method combining the theoretical research and empirical analysis, systematically discusses Shanghai greenhouse gas GHG emissions research present situation and the emissions characteristics, in order to provide references for similar regions.

Paper in collecting large amounts of data and combed the domestic and foreign based on the study of the greenhouse gas emissions, to summarize all kinds of greenhouse gas GHG emissions coefficient, build megacities of the greenhouse gas emissions measurement; Above the sea, for example, to comb of energy utilization in Shanghai in recent years, understand the overall condition of Shanghai energy consumption; In the amount of greenhouse gas emissions of energy utilization is calculated on the basis of analyzing the main energy use department two oxygen carbon emission situation, identify the main divisions of a carbon dioxide emissions or industry; Overall characteristics analysis of Shanghai energy carbon emissions and carbon emissions characteristics of energyintensive sector in Shanghai.

Economy, population, urbanization and technological progress effect on emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide emissions trend forecast of energy utilization will be accordingly; Greenhouse gas emission reduction potential in Shanghai are discussed, at the same time to carry out the reduction of feasibility analysis; According to current situation of Shanghai room temperature gas emissions puts forward feasible countermeasures, so as to provide reference basis for decision makers when making policy. Paper the main research content is embodied in the following aspects: 1 focus on analysis of the current situation of greenhouse gas row put in Shanghai. Computing the energy, land use change, people breathe, cement production, wastewater and solid waste treatment, etc. Each year the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, concluded that: the largest energy consumption of greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, industrial sector is the main sector including electricity.

Emphatically probes into the characteristics of energy use in Shanghai branch carbon dioxide emissions, carbon footprint and try from energy use to illustrate the energy consumption of carbon dioxide emissions on the ecological environment pressure. Paper USES logarithmic mean dis index method LMDI logarithmic mean Divisia index, Shanghais energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions intensity for the decomposition analysis.

Studies show that: energy efficiency and energy consumption structure factor caused by carbon dioxide emissions, among them, the energy efficiency plays a main role: 2001 ~ 2006, the Shanghai energy consumption carbon emissions continue to grow; Population and GDP per capita energy consumption plays a role of promoting the growth of co2 emissions, and energy structure and energy efficiency factors.

3 the thesis adopts the STIRPAT model for the analysis of population, economy, urbanization and technological influence on carbon dioxide emissions, concluded that: in 2006, with the increasing of GDP per capita, energy use in Shanghai no carbon dioxide emissions, environmental kuznets inverted U type curve; Carbon dioxide emissions is established with population, economy, and the correlation model between urbanization and technology; Paper on population, economy, urbanization and technology set up 10, 2010, 2015, in Shanghai in 2020 to predict the carbon dioxide emissions, and the results show that 2010, 2015 and the 2020 Shanghai energy use carbon dioxide emissions, respectively for 167.5923 million ~ 167.5923 million tons, 186.132 million tons ~ 210.0049 million tons, 197.8258 million tons ~ 241.3329 million tons.

4 the paper preliminarily analyzes the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of Shanghai, the results show that the adjustment of energy structure can achieve absolute greenhouse gas emissions, increase clean energy use than the case is the most effective method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2006, for example, a 1% increase in clean energy, can be reduced about 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent; And adjust the industrial structure of greenhouse gas emission reduction effect is not ideal, in 2006, for example, the third industry increased by 1%, a 1% drop in the second industry, can reduce 120000 tons of co2 equivalent.

Megacities measuring greenhouse gas emissions and emissions

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