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Chinese Sheep Industry International Competitiveness

Chinese Sheep Industry International Competitiveness

sheep industry output value accounted for the proportion replica fendi handbags of animal husbandry

Economic globalization is the worlds economic development and the inevitable trend of significant features. Despite the rise of sheep production time is shorter, but the development of the fast.

Since the 1990s, Chinas sheep, goat herds, slaughter and mutton production ranks first in the world, sheep industry output value accounted for the proportion of animal husbandry has also been improved. Sheep industry in improving our peoples diet structure, improve our peoples physical fitness, increase production and operating income of farmers and herdsmen to improve Chinas agriculture, especially livestock production structure and other aspects have made a great contribution as a sub industry of animal husbandry , sheep livestock industry is growing into a sunrise industry.

However, with Chinas great power status as sheep production is not commensurate with that of sheep products in international trade or a small country, the international market share of only about 1%, in the international road, our sheep industry development is still long way to go. Therefore, in our sheep industry from planned economy to market economy, from quantity to quality oriented development of development, from the tariff protection based development towards the development of free and open-type transition period, to study the production and trade status and influencing factors, analyze their facing new domestic and international economic environment, recognize domestic and international resources can take advantage of the development of domestic and international two potential market, looking to improve our competitiveness in the international market sheep industry strategies and recommendations will have a very significance.

The main contents of the thesis is divided into six parts: the first part is mainly to Michael Porters international competitiveness of industries and products theory and international trade theory as the main theoretical basis of quantitative and qualitative analysis using a combination of methods to construct the Chinese sheep industrial international competitiveness of the economic analysis framework, constructed and identified Chinese sheep industry international competitiveness index system and its major decisions and influencing factors.

The second part of Chinese domestic sheep industry environment objective evaluation of the Chinese sheep industry in production, consumption and trade analyzes the status and international comparisons. Found: Chinese sheep breeding stock, meat production increased steadily; sheep and lamb production industry output in meat industry continued to increase; rearing methods are gradually transformed into the pasture feeding and semi feeding; sheep production regionalization characteristics Obviously, the main producing region shifted from pastoral farming area; increased degree of the scale, a large number of breeding areas appear; sheep products in the domestic market share is higher, less saturated domestic market, especially in sheep lamb big shortfall in domestic demand, lamb growth and per capita consumption growth rates are all increasing. The third part of the sheep industry specific estimates of the Chinese general and product competitiveness.

Findings: Compared with domestic livestock products throughout, China does not have the sheep industry overall basic revealed comparative advantage; Chinese sheep owners want products in the market less competitive; goat sheep and goat products relative to other relatively strong international competitiveness . Thus, in a very long period of time, the huge domestic consumer market will continue to be the main target market.

Part IV competitiveness based on Michael Porter Diamond Theory on sheep production costs and prices, quality and safety factors of production and ancillary industries and the role of government and other factors on the international competitiveness of Chinas sheep industry, a systematic analysis of the impact . Study found that: non-price factors affectingChinabecome sheep the main international competitiveness of products. And the main exporting countries,Chinaand mutton prices competitive overall showed a rising trend; Chinese sheep prices more obvious competitive advantage. Chinese exports of live goat has a strong competitive advantage in quality. However, the weak nature of sheep farming industry needs the government’s macro control, the government should give more perspective to support the sheep industry.

The fifth part on regional competitiveness of domestic sheep industry were analyzed; sheep and measured the main producing areas of regional comparative advantage. Study found that: the absolute value of the sheep industry sheep producing an upward trend; sheep from the main producing areas are turning pastoral farming area, but pastoral development in the sheep industry still plays a decisive role.

 Chinese Sheep Industry International Competitiveness

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